TV3 after it's own "Shortland Street"

tv3logo_1This is somewhat exciting news and a long time in waiting.

MediaWorks is inviting local production companies to submit ideas for a long-running daily serial drama, to launch on TV3 in 2015.

The brief is for a broad appeal, five-day-a-week soap that is firmly rooted in contemporary New Zealand, and connects with TV3’s 25-54 demographic.

The series should be family-centric (and suitable for a G timeslot), bright, entertaining and compelling, with appealing, accessible characters and rich, dramatic narrative.

Proposals should include ideas for integrating content across MediaWorks’ digital, social and radio platforms.

The request for proposals was sent to industry groups and individuals today

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  • Deb

    Maybe they’ll do away with having news and current affairs at 7pm in favour of this? Or will they replace Million Dollar Minute with it? 7pm would be better for ratings, and to go head to head against Shortland Street.
    Whiever idea wins, I hope it’s not centred on a modeling agency, a beachside community, a college or university as they’ve all been done to death.

    • K

      Interesting idea that maybe they’re getting rid of Campbell Live for this new show. But if they’ve learnt anything from the Seven Sharp-Campbell ratings war, hopefully not…competing with Shortland street I’d have thought would be a disaster.
      I’m picking it will be a 5.30 show, still head to head with Home and Away though….

    • Tania

      I hope it plays at 7pm … it’s time for TV3 to do something bold – TV3 could let TVNZ have their fun with ‘Seven Sharp’ and slot their current affairs show in at 7:30pm … but mix it up to have a good mix of fun stuff too (maybe look to Australia’s ‘The Project’ for a bit of inspiration).

      The reason why successful, long-running soap-style shows are centred on a place – be it a hospital or some other institution – is because that paves the way for lots of stories and characters to be leveraged off it. Something centred on a hotel / luxury lodge / resort might be good … it was done in the ’90s with a couple of different shows, but they were dramas, and not in the 22 minutes, five nights a week, format. [It’s starting to sound a bit like ‘Neighbours’, with ‘Lassiters’ though, isn’t it?].

      Whatever it ends up being, this is great news for our acting fraternity. Just about everyone knows someone who has had some sort of involvement with ‘Shortland Street’ over the years; it would be great to have another show for people to get some experience on.

      • Tania

        I’ve thought of the most perfect setting … a media company that has TV and radio stations under its umbrella (sounds like Mediaworks, which is fine as it will play on 3. The potential for story lines and character development would be never-ending! This would be so much fun to watch … someone make it happen! 🙂

        • Citizen Cane

          Cover story rebooted

          • Tania

            My suggestion sounds very much like ‘Cover Story’, I agree, but I see it being so much more than centred on one current affairs show – much like Shortland Street, they could explore the lives of management, the stars / egos across all the shows, the public relations when things go sour, etc.

          • Citizen Cane

            I was just joking with the Cover Story reboot. Homeward Bound 2.0 is possibly more likely. It might be better for them if the show wasn’t based in Auckland. As a point of difference.

          • Tania

            I’d love for it to be based at Avalon Studios (in Lower Hutt) – they are just sitting there doing nothing, which is such a waste when you think how it was THE centre of TVNZ in the ’80s (and even played host to ‘Good Morning’ about five years ago and ‘Lotto’ up until last year). Wellington has some great scenery, and the Council is very co-operative when it comes to closing streets down for filming.

            But then, if the show is to be sold overseas and double as a tourism advert, consideration should be given to shooting in the Marlborough Sounds (already done on another show but ages ago); Queenstown / Wanaka or Northland (sounding too much like Home & Away). Heck, maybe they should make it a show centred on an airline, get Air New Zealand onboard as a sponsor, and travel throughout the country 😉

          • Shannon Ryan

            I think Avalon Studios would be perfect too and I’m pretty sure TVNZ have no ownership now… plus they’re gonna need that kind of space to produce the show. Given that Wellington is world-famous for its Miramar studios it makes absolute sense to shoot it here, especially as a point of difference. It is quite a large location so you could also dress it up and use it for exterior shots.

            I was thinking you could have a show that has just opened up a “law hub” that contains judges, lawyers, police and detectives. That way you could have much of the drama take place in corridors and rooms between these varied people and their households. The location shooting could easily take place in the Hutt Valley with the cops. Chuck a cafeteria in there and a local bar/restaurant and boom! You’ve got yourself a successful soap.

  • Matt

    To be honest – I think 3 nailed it in 92

  • Jimbo

    I’m not sure what the time slot issue is about. Don’t we have recorders – or the internet, if we are really desperate?

    I still work. Luckily.
    The only people in my circle, who I know to watch TV on the scheduled time slots, are retired or students.

  • Confusious

    I thought TV3 were targetting more of a TV-One like audience… this sounds more like a FOUR (TV2 competitor) programme… or have they abandoned going head-to-head with TVNZ?

  • h.lua

    aw woah this would be an awesome idea its about time tv3 took the plunge into a serial