Why TV3's new nightly local drama is good news

flower-streetWhen TV3 announced yesterday that it was seeking submissions from local production companies for a new long-running, five night per week serial drama, our response was “about time”.

It’s a bold move by Mediaworks and ultimately very good for the screen industry in New Zealand. While South Pacific Pictures, who make Shortland Street, are best suited to produce something new, there is an opportunity for another production company to step in and grasp the opportunity to build some infrastructure.

The Shortland Street machine employs more than a hundred people so this move would potentially see similar numbers of jobs. The question that needs to be answered is will the show be Auckland focused or will it tell the story of a small New Zealand town? What might have broader appeal, not only for Kiwis but for international resale. Both Home and Away and Neighbours have huge audiences in the UK so there is a good possibility that if the cards are played well, there could be a good tourism spin off for the country.

Mediaworks also seem very good at bringing together sponsors for their shows which would certainly help on the funding front but it would be the boost in advertising revenue from the flow on to prime time viewership that will be the goal. As such, a successful implementation would potentially see a lift in numbers for 3 News and Campbell Live.

There are loads of possibilities with this announcement and we’re pretty excited about what it might mean for Mediaworks. We wait with anticipation to see what is tabled and what eventually makes it to screen.

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  • Tania

    It’s extremely good news – and for Shortland Street, too – as I’m a firm believer that competition should always be embraced. It will hopefully keep a few of the Shortland Street loathers satisfied, too.
    I really hope we see some fresh new talent though (in amongst the familiar faces I suspect we will see on a show such as this).

  • Shannon Ryan

    So sounds like it will be screening in the 5:30 slot, which basically competes it directly with Home and Away rather than Shortland Street. We’ve got city, beach town and suburban soaps… how about a rural one? We know there’s an appetite for it because Country Calendar rates very well and so did McLeod’s Daughters.

    • K

      Awesome idea!

  • richjd

    How about something dark, moody and goth-esque, set deep in a misty West Coast valley… Oh that’s right. Twin Peaks is back next year! Can’t wait!

    • epistaxis

      Twin peaks a classic hope they bring back alot of the original cast.. and that theme song !! (-:

  • aaronimpact

    TV3 are dreaming.