Walking Dead Actress Laurie Holden bad news for sex trafficers


Laurie Holden, most famous for her portrayal of Andrea on The Walking Dead, has proven that not only did she play a badass zombie killer, but she’s apparently a badass in real life!  

The actress worked alongside an organization known as Operation Underground Railroad that targets sex traffickers on a mission in Colombia where she helped them rescue 55 underage sex workers.

Oh, and the entire thing was caught on camera for Nightline [USA]!

The sting itself proved to be complicated because in Colombia money must be exchanged before legal action can be taken against sex traffickers, so the organization set up a fake bachelor party where the payment would take place.

While the arrest happens, the actress and a bunch of social workers move in to comfort the girls while an arrest is happening.

Heartbreakingly enough, the girls only seem concerned about one thing…

Whether they’ll be paid for their services or not.

The entire video is absolutely heartbreaking to watch and you can clearly see the toll it takes on Laurie.

However, the work that she and Operation Underground Railroad are doing is, clearly, incredibly important.

Click here to watch Nightline and the segment where Laurie helps out.


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