Everything you need to know about Netflix arrival to New Zealand

With Netflix announcing that it will be offering its service to kiwis from March 2015, here’s what you need to know.

What is Netflix?
Netflix began as an online DVD rental business. They attempted to sell a stake to Blockbuster on multiple occasions in the early 2000’s and now, with more than 50 million subscribers worldwide, it is fairly safe to assume that one of these parties has deep regret.

Today, Netflix provides streaming video content via a monthly subscription. While they include a lot of historic movie and broadcast TV content, they also produce their own hit series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

How much will it cost?
Based on everywhere else in the world where Netflix is already, plans tend to start from $7.99 USD, or there abouts. My guess is we’ll see Netflix enter the market between $9.99 and at most $12.99 NZD.

In the US:

In the UK:

In the EU:

In South America:

What will be available?
Many are wondering if a local version of Netflix will be the poor man’s equivalent of the US service due to the existing local rights agreements. In essence, there is a likelihood that that will be the case but we can’t imagine this is a situation that will last long.

While Sky, Television New Zealand, Mediaworks and now Spark’s Lightbox have deals sown up for some of Netflix’ own original programming, now that Netflix is on the way, there will be no need to maintain those distribution arrangements that were only available due to Netflix not having their own ability to serve those territories directly. While historic content may take a little while to filter through, as hit new shows are made and deals are done, the buying power of a company with more than 50 million subscribers will dwarf the likes of Sky who up until now have been a force to be reckoned with resulting in content more likely to end up on Netflix than anywhere else.

At launch there will a number of Netflix own original programs including Marco Polo and BoJack Horseman. Additionally, new original series on the way including Marvel’s Daredevil, Sense8, Bloodlines and Grace and Frankie will be available later in 2015.

The big question though is, will Netflix launch here with the third season of House of Cards? In Australia, Foxtel no longer have the rights and my gut feeling is that the same has happened with Mediaworks. Throng has requested confirmation but is yet to hear.

What devices will I be able to view it on?
Unlike the incumbents who are rolling out apps and availability on various devices, Netflix already has apps for Apple and Android products as well as integration with smart TVs and set top boxes like Roku.

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  • Rdave

    Looking at what you list as available on Netflix I only see American shows will UKTV type programming be available?? also BBC Knowledge, History etc

    • Citizen Cane

      A friend of mine has Netflix and yes UK shows also feature on there.

      • Rdave

        Thank you Citizen Just looked at the unblock us site looks very comprehensive

        • Citizen Cane

          I’ve been thinking about getting it. Now I’ll just wait to see what NZ netflix has to offer.