Jono and Ben celebrate TV3's ½ Half Century


TV3’s 25th birthday is a huge occasion. In honour of this, Jono, Ben, Guy and Rose have been allowed an extra 30 minutes of airtime and an earlier slot for their extravaganza Jono and Ben Celebrate TV3’s 1/2 Half Century, which screens this Friday 21 November at 7.30pm.

There will be a party in a bigger-than-usual studio, with live music, plus all your favourite Jono and Ben at Ten segments.

Guy Williams gets the news buzz from 3News journalists Mike McRoberts, Samantha Hayes, Hamish McKay, former TV3 sports presenter Clint Brown, and Outrageous Fortune’s Siobhan Marshall and Antonia Prebble, who is currently filming West Side Story. The X Factor NZ judge Mel Blatt, plus Petra Bagust and Jeremy Corbett drop in to enjoy some of Jono and Ben’s best work and some classic behind-the-scenes footage from throughout the years.

Plus, how has Rose managed to outfox 3News entertainment editor Kate Rodger and land interviews with Jim Carey and Jeff Bridges from Dumb and Dumber To?

“It’ll be great to finally host a party that people will turn up to,” says host Ben Boyce. “The TV3 25th birthday is a special day because it also coincides with Mark Richardson’s 91st birthday.”

“We discovered the first ever broadcast on TV3 was Phillip Sherry playing old news clips on the news,” says Jono Pryor. “This show will feature us on TV3 playing old news clips of Phillip Sherry playing old news clips on the news.”

“This 7.30pm special will be a first for Jono and Ben at Ten, and we’re really excited about producing a one-hour, family-friendly show,” adds Jono and Ben at Ten producer Bronwynn Bakker.

The ½ Half Century party is such an occasion it will also be the platform for a new brand campaign for TV3 starring TV3 talent and viewers. Let the celebrations begin!

Jono and Ben Celebrate TV3’s 1/2 Half Century, Friday 21 November at 7.30pm on TV3.

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  • tristram

    Isn’t a half century = 50? (a century being 100) Or is that meant to be the joke?

    • aaronimpact

      It says in the title of the article, 1/2 Half Century.