Lightbox lights up Samsung Galaxy Android tablets

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Great news for those who like to watch their favourite TV shows on their tablet – online entertainment service Lightbox has expanded onto a selection of Samsung GALAXY Android tablets.

The Lightbox app is now available in the Google Play store and makes it easier than ever to check out and bingewatch entire seasons of your favourite TV shows.

Lightbox CEO Kym Niblock says ‘Lightbox on Android’ has been one of the most frequent requests from customers.

“At Lightbox, we listen to our customers and we’re very pleased to now be live on a selection of Samsung GALAXY tablets. With so many ways to watch Lightbox, our customers have even more choice than ever, and we’re looking to expand this offering even further very soon. With our free 30 day trial and now more screens, every Kiwi should give it a go,” says Niblock.

Last week, Lightbox launched an app on a selection of Samsung Smart TVs and Smart AV devices.

Below is the full list of compatible Samsung GALAXY tablets:

· Note Pro 12.2

· Galaxy Tab 2.0 7”

· Galaxy Note 10.1”

· Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1

· Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1” (3G)

· Tab 3 10.1”

· Tab 3.0 8”

· Tab S 8.4”

· Tab 4 8.0”

· Tab S 10.5”

· Tab 4 10.1”

· Tab Pro 8.4”

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