Netflix will launch in New Zealand with House of Cards season 3

house-of-cardsI am a massive fan of House of Cards. In 2013, the Kevin Spacey political drama debuted on Netflix on the first of February. This year, the second season debuted on my birthday and a bunch of friends and I got together at someone’s place who already had Netflix to binge watch the season. It was epic!

When Netflix announced they were launching in New Zealand and Australia last week, House of Cards wasn’t listed in the new shows that would be available on debut. However, only days before in the Australian media it was revealed that Foxtel had lost the rights to screen the third season of the series which lead to much speculation that the imminent arrival of Netflix would be in February, a date that would coincide with the trend of the previous two seasons launch date.

In New Zealand, TV3 has screened the previous two seasons however, a spokesperson for Mediaworks has confirmed that they do not have the rights to the third season.

With no release date for season 3 just yet, and Netflix now declaring they’re arriving in March, with both previous season broadcasters no longer holding the rights it would seem to me to be a very safe bet that Netflix will be launching in New Zealand with the third season of House of Cards.

That is my prediction.

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  • Roger Dodger

    Your title makes it seem like that is fact, not just prediction.

  • Aaron Falkner

    your article got the attention of Spark – listed on their intranet home page 😉

  • Citizen Cane

    Netflix is premiering House of cards 27th of February

  • Ya don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work this one out Regan. It wouldn’t surprise me if Netflix’ actual launch date in NZ is the same date. Adjust for timezone differences and you’d be looking at Feb 28, maybe you’d push that to Mar 1. Either way, I would have watched the third season by then anyway

  • Jas

    I find it quite ironic that with all this so called competition in the NZ market that the cost to watch all the good TV shows is going UP not coming down!
    And that for some the picture quality of how you get to see the content is going to be worse but I guess that is progress.