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Dallas still hasn’t told Bella about Lucy, Harper thinks that Rachel is lonely, and there’s a giant bust up in the parking lot.

Rachel protected Lucy from having to tell the truth to Bella by telling Bella that the reason Lucy is being so distant is because she had already found a flat elsewhere. Bella accepted the lie and everyone moved on. However, it later became clear to Bella that Dallas was still hiding something from her, so she confronted him. He continued to play dumb and said that they only reason his behaviour is different is that he feels like he is being left out of the wedding planning.

In ED, Harper blew up at Grace for sharing photos of Trinity while everyone was on the clock. Rachel just happened to walk in at the same time as Harper’s outcry and called her and Grace into a disciplinary meeting. Harper apologised to Grace and she left, leaving Rachel alone with Harper to tell her off. After a bollocking from Rachel, Harper broke down telling her that she is still upset about what Chris did and only ever wanted the best for Rachel. Realising that her friend is lonely, Rachel invited her over to her place for lunch. While there, Harper and Grace bonded over Trinity and Harper came to realise that Rachel is perfectly okay with her new life.

Meanwhile, Garrett went all out trying to prove to Ula that he was committed, and even went as far as to try to set up a joint bank account. He and Dallas were at each other’s throats all day, with Dallas unimpressed with Garrett’s PDAs with Ula, and Garrett wanting to goad Dallas back. It all came to a head out in the parking lot where one jab too many led to a fist fight between the two men.

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  • Sparx

    This Chris/Grace/Rachel storyline is bulls**t. There is no way Rachel could be over what happened. Shortland St is becoming extremely unrealistic, my cousin stopped watching last week and I might as well. It’s just stupid now.

    • bobscoffee

      Shortland Street just hasnt been as good this year. Some of these storylines are appallingly…boring. Garrett is still chasing after Ula? I obviously haven’t missed anything after not having watched Shortland Street for the past few weeks.

      • Sparx

        You really haven’t missed anything. Nothing important anyway.

      • Guest

        +1! Really boring. And when did Ula turn into such a b****?