Stan Walker denies claims X Factor auditions are rigged

Screenshot (271)Stan Walker was on Breakfast this morning to promote his new live DVD album. The conversation turned to X Factor and talk of the show being rigged after the observations of an audience member at the live auditions. Video:

While he admits that the producer fills them in on certain things, such as if a contestant has family backstage, of the allegations the show is rigged says

“I would never be on anything that somebody told me to do something that was completely opposite”

The hand signals from the producer after each performance, according to Walker are the judges getting the hurry-up.

So what is your take on it all?

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  • omgyeah

    Duh. Seriously… no kidding.

    • K

      No kidding about what?

  • Jeseta

    My take? That Stan Walker quote is just a jumble of words that don’t even form a sentence, how is this man allowed on television?

    • K

      LOL I reckon. that is word for word what he said!

    • Tania

      Great performer but needs media coaching! He did okay on some radio Q&A phone-in last Friday.

  • Citizen Cane

    I’m not a Stan Walker fan and I haven’t seen the hand signals. But I’d take his word for it.

  • Patrick

    I went to 2 audition tapings and once sat on the front row of the left side, and the second time i sat behind the producers, didnt see any hand signals apart from the one that goes to the front swirling his fingers around telling them to hurry up and stop talking haha.

  • Tania

    Well if it wasn’t true I’m sure this whistleblower would be hearing from the show’s lawyers; but since it’s gone all quiet there probably is credibility in what he’s reporting.
    I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t true; given that the judges don’t even attend the pre-auditions, it’s (sort of) obvious they’re performers in the show themselves. If they were real judges doing a real job then they’d meet contestants right the way through. With the exception of Stan, who I think is a fantastic artist, it’s probably a good thing that the decisions aren’t left to these clowns anyway.
    I’m disappointed they couldn’t get anyone better than Mel, Natalia and Willie.

  • Roger Dodger

    It is clear that the judges are told before about some of the sob stories, because the questions they ask them when they come on stage are so leading. But that is just part of the game. They clearly don’t fluke to ask the right kinds of questions to particular singers – they have been set up with info from the producers. That is just what makes “good tv”. If a single mum has a cute 2 year old back stage, of course they will signal to the judges to bring the kid out. It will make a “awww cute” tv moment, which is what this show is all about.

    And on the topic of sob stories, you really do need them. I know someone who auditioned with the same song last year and this year. Last year they didn’t want to be sucked into the sob story so they didn’t bring up anything personal when interviewed. They didn’t get through. This year, they explained about the struggles of being a single mum, and wouldn’t you know? Through to boot camp with lots of screen time (and the kid brought onto stage by the judges). Everyone plays the game. Welcome to TV.