TV2 moves Home and Away to 7pm weeknights

home-and-awayThe remaining weeks of Home and Away for 2014 will screen at 7pm from Friday, following Thursday’s hour-long Shortland Street finale.

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  • Bord

    If only mediaworks had of done that

  • Tania

    It will only be for a week and a bit as we’re only a week behind Oz and they’re about to break for Summer… Although they’ve been playing a few one hour episodes over there lately. Nice to see the guy who played Kieran’s dodgy friend in Shortland Street land a good role in Home & Away.

    • k

      Cool I wasn’t sure when Aus were having their cliffhanger. it’ll make a change from two and a half men reruns or whatever they usually put in place of SS.

      Yeah he’s an interesting character! better acting than some on HAA too

      • Tania

        He’s so much better than on Shorty Street – it probably has a lot to do with the cast though – the shows are poles apart in that regard.

        The Phoebe storyline is really interesting. That actress has the most incredible voice … I assumed she was lip syncing but nope; it’s really her voice.

        The doctor guy on H&A has family in NZ – TV2 should cash in on the fact he’s going to be here for Xmas visiting them, and do a promotional gig of sorts.

        • K

          Yeah she does have a good voice… I’m sure I read somewhere she had no singing experience before the show..just sings when told to!

          Yeah that would be interesting! he’s another character a bit meh..Kyle is the worst! such odd casting to play a Braxton

      • Tania

        Oh d’oh! I originally misread what you said and yeah, I agree. “Kyle”, especially, is a bit of a blah actor.

  • Dave Ian Batten

    Shorty at 6:30. Sounds good to me.