Coro actress lied to get the job; loses it before it starts


What really hurts is that she may have gotten and kept the job if she hadn’t tried to fake it.  

Producers of Coronation Street have dropped actress Katie Redford from the show, after it emerged she gave a false age to win a part as a 14-year-old.

ITV announced Redford was joining the soap last week, playing the role of Bethany Platt, granddaughter to Gail McIntyre.

A press release, issued on Friday, described the actress as 19.

But fans on showbiz site Digital Spy found evidence, including a CV, suggesting she was actually 25.

A spokeswoman for the actress later confirmed she had auditioned “as a 19-year-old”.

Producers only became aware of the discrepancy at the weekend, after the discussion gained momentum online.

As a result, ITV announced on Monday morning: “Coronation Street have taken the decision to recast the part of Bethany Platt”.

It is understood that producers have another actress in mind for the role, and there will not be a new audition process.

Worse, it wasn’t her own idea.  She was following the advice of her agent, who has possibly stuffed up one of the best chances she’ll ever get at a TV career.



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