TODAY: Ex Shorty Star ‘fit at 40’, ‘The truth is out there’ about a possible X Files Reboot, is Simon Cowell returning to the US? and Jessie J’s odd choice for ‘Voice’ Mentor

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AGE IS ONLY A NUMBER: Ex ‘Shorty’ star Teuila Blakely has shown off her athletic figure on the cover of the most recent Woman’s Day. She decided that the photo was ‘Insta-worthy’ and gave a preview to her 9 thousand plus follows with the caption ‘Soooo, I turned 40 this week, cheeehooooo 😉‘  (picture above). Honestly I can’t blame her; it beats the photos of my food that I have to resort to.

REOPENING THE X FILES?: Following the success of the resurrection of their hit show 24, Fox Executives have confirmed discussions have take place with stars of The X Files: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. The timing works out well as Duchovny has just wrapped up Californication after 7 seasons and the future of Anderson’s BBC Drama The Fall is uncertain as co-star Jamie Dornan is busy with his 50 Shades of Grey film commitments.

COWELL RETURNING TO THE U.S.?:  Rumour is Rife that Simon Cowell is planning a U.S. TV comeback after the disastrous demise of The X Factor. Network Fox is in “deep discussions” with Cowell regarding an overall reality deal. “What we are exploring is an overall deal where he would become an internal production pod on the reality side,” Fox TV Group chairman Dana Walden said on stage at the Fox Television Critics Association panel in Los Angeles this week. Some people get more than a second chance it seems.

JESSIE WANTS CAM FOR THE VOICE: New Judge on the Upcoming season of The Voice Australia, Jessie J has revealed she wants Cameron Diaz to help her mentor. It could be quite an interesting dynamic as her new husband Benji Madden has signed up to help his brother Joel. There’s nothing like a little healthy competition to test a new marriage.


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