Kids that tuned out of TV are discovering "old" shows via streaming


Thanks to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Instant and Hulu, new life could be given to Fox’s “24” and “Prison Break”.

Thanks to new audiences discovering its shows on streaming services, Fox is contemplating the possibility of creating more episodes of its previously popular television series. It’s not a new concept in the least, but video streaming is giving them insight into which series would be best in making the comeback.

Dana Walden, co-chairman at Fox Television Group, said one of its shows “Prison Break” has garnered a lot of attention.  Netflix has introduced the show to a host of young people who may not have been aware of it when it was airing.  Walden said the momentum of the titles’ nostalgia on the new platform gives the company an opportunity into reviving them.

Walden, along with co-chairman Gary Newman, said there has been no talks about rebooting Prison Break, but there has been interest in bring the serialized drama back, which ran from 2005 to 2009.  Both said there have been talks about new episodes of “The X-Files” and “24”.

This also caters to a phenomenon that has developed only during recent times:  binge watching.


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  • Shannon Ryan

    I think Prison Break would have to be rebooted because they wrapped the story up!
    How about: Sara and Michael’s son Michael Jr. who is now 16 years old (he has been aged up) gets into trouble and is sent to juvy with a couple of his mates. Before he does though, he researches his dad’s escape attempts so he can do the same. Kellerman, who is a successful politician, is trying to legislate heftier penalties for juvenile delinquents, frequently butting heads with Sara. Call it Prison Break: Juvy.

  • What about the sequel to “Lost” titled “Still Lost”?