Mediaworks to produce Prime News

new-prime-logoSKY and Prime are pleased to announce a new partnership that will see Prime News – First at 5.30, produced by MediaWorks.

Launching in March, Prime News – First at 5.30 will be produced by the award-winning MediaWorks news division at their Auckland Flower Street Studios. A dedicated production team with access to considerable resources and many of the country’s finest journalists and producers will provide an evening bulletin drawing on more than 200 TV, Radio and Digital news staff nationwide as well as foreign correspondents in Europe and Australia.

John Fellet, CEO of SKY TV, welcomed the move.

“The team at Prime News – First at 5.30 has done an amazing job for the past eight years with very limited resources. We are excited to be building on this solid heritage through our new partnership with MediaWorks, continuing with half hour evening bulletins and live updates throughout the night. SKY News still remains a valuable partner of ours and we are discussing other projects to work together on,” he said.

Mark Jennings, Group Head of News for MediaWorks says Prime will benefit from the recently announced integration of MediaWorks’ news teams.

“With the combined resources of TV, Radio and Digital news teams, we will have one of the biggest news operations in the country. Prime will benefit from our size and reach and the calibre of our people. Our aim is to provide a high quality 5.30pm news programme that builds on the loyal Prime News following.”

Mark Weldon, Group CEO of MediaWorks, says the partnership model adds value to both businesses.

“This is a ground breaking partnership for the Group, and testament to MediaWorks’ news leadership in the New Zealand market. News is core to our business, and this is a significant strategic move that expands our footprint in this area. We are looking forward to delivering a top quality news programme to Prime viewers.”

Further details including Prime News – First at 5.30 presenters will be released in due course.

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  • James

    Interesting. This seems to be following what happens in the UK with Channel 4 news and ITV, where both bulletins are produced by ITN which is partially owned by ITV.

  • Jack Daniels

    Could this be where Sacha McNeil is heading to next? This is a good mood for both networks, and to be fair it’s been coming for a while, the majority of prime news content comes from 3news first, as their logo is very prominent in stories threw out the 5.30 news. I am hoping that Sacha McNeil gets to present this bulletin 5 nights a week if it is in fact still apart of 3news as a whole her and Sam Ackermen make a good team.

    • Jack d

      I meant move

  • Tania

    Charlotte needs to go – dreadful newsreader who always looks out of it and has frequently been shot unawares playing with her hair or staring into the distance. Eric is okay but I’d prefer someone with more presence. Alistair Wilkinson, News Director, is ex-3 … I wonder where that leaves his role? He was okay reading the weekend news back in the day. But yeah, some fresh energy would be good as it’s a very lethargic production and has potential to be far, far better given it’s the first news bulletin of the evening.

    • toby_toby

      Hardly Charlotte’s fault. My understanding is that Prime’s news studio is in Albany but the control room is in Australia. When the presenter is getting their cue from across the Tasman, there’s bound to be communication issues.

      • Fiddy

        Eric doesn’t seem to have any problems …

        • toby_toby

          Except for when he’s flipping off the viewers, you mean?

  • Drew

    That headline should read Prime outsources its news division to competitor with job losses. An anon tip off in NBR said all journalists had been made redundant at Prime News. Gawd Sky are such tight arses despite record profits they won’t invest money in producing their own news bullentins in house. We now are back to two competitors in the market and a reduction in genuine viewer choice. Despite Primes lack of resources it did provide an alternative from the big two and needed major investment. After all this show is one of the top 5 most watched shows on Prime. As James alluded to below, this is common practice in the UK with channel 4 & 5. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Gdub_NZ

    This moves interesting. Mediaworks have commercial links to both Sky News Australia and Sky News UK. Sky News Australia broadcast Mediaworks election night coverage live across Australia last September. So Mediaworks is now selling itself as a commercial provider of news services aka ITN in the UK who provide tv news services to ITV and Channel 4. I think ITN in the UK also until very recently provided news services to Channel 5 until losing the contract to Sky News UK. This has the potential to be a whole new model of providing a news service in the NZ marketplace!

  • unidentified

    That is a good move because the layout is a bit dreadful. Hopefully Mediaworks as known as TV3 can change this!