Is this what TV3's new breakfast show will look like?

The Paul and Hilary Show?

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  • Mark


  • Jack Daniels

    Haha I am loving these tv3 summer addz…. This wun in particular is very funny they would be great together but somehow I dont c hillary being paired up with him which is ashame but u never know

    • Tania

      They used to work together – he was her first-ever boss @ a radio station in the Wairarapa, so why not?

      >>> I hope so; it’s nice to see this side of Hilary as she comes across as very straight/boring on the 6pm news bulletin – and I know for a fact that she is lots of fun in ‘real life’.

      • K

        I hope she gets the job & as a cohost not a newsreader (if they have both), as you say reading the news doesn’t show her personality much! it would be good to have someone not too young with Paul…Hilary would be perfect I think

      • epistaxis

        “straight/boring” ?? she will actually crack up/laugh anf throw a smart comment at whoever is co-hosting I find her refreshing and not afraid to be herself..

  • bc

    Ye gods, Jack Daniels, where you drinking your namesake when you wrote that, or is that an example of what NCEA produces these days?

    • Jack Daniels

      I take it ur picking on the way I spelt certain words.. Shut up u loser thr r bigger issues in life. O and fyi if u know wot that means, it’s were u drinking not where!

      • bc

        Yes I know what you mean. Being able to communicate is so overrated these days, who needs it.

        • Harry

          Clearly this has affected you a lot (bc) is it really necessary for you to be such, dare I say a twat. It’s rather unfair your comments you have made against jack, you seem to have a personal vendetta. I may be wrong, you may just not have a life. I teach NCEA levels 1 through 3 and do not like what you have said about it, you imply I do not know how to teach, and for that I’m am very offended.

  • bc

    And then I make a typo!

  • baylys

    Ye Gods. Nothing worse than forced, fake humour by Hilary. Not looking good if she is going to be the new breakfast co-host to Paul Henry.