Help Bring Back Sommet Sports to our Screens

The good folks at Sommet Sports may have vanished from our screens but they are determined to bring their little sports channel back to viewers with a little help from some crowd funding. All they need is $300,000!

On 12 December we thought the Sommet Sports dream to have free access to sports for kiwis was over. But thanks to the overwhelming support and determination from our viewers, it seems that might not be the case. We’re getting ready to strike back, better than ever, with our crowd.

Before we shut down, we had over 4% of the population watching us daily. Our monthly viewing was over 1.1 million which exceeded any other sports channel in New Zealand. And now we want to bring Sommet Sports back, with our crowd.

What do we need?

We’re looking to crowdfund $300,000 to get back up and running, and ensure that we have a sustainable model for the future. This includes setting ourselves back up on the internet, hiring part of our team back, and working on the partnerships we have in train. If we raise $500,000 we’ll go on Freeview HD, and at $1.2 million we’ll be available on every TV.

What next?

If we can raise $300,000 that will greenlight our plans to bring Sommet Sports back online. Once we hit our goal, it will take four weeks to get everything back up and running with our suppliers (that are on standby – and hopefully pledging!).

Who are we?

We’re a group of passionate sports lovers, who think everyone from kids to pensioners should have access to free sports TV. We set up a channel that we would want to watch.

Andrew Reeves has been in the IT industry for over 25 years. As a senior executive in one of the largest international IT companies in Australasia, Andrew managed a multi-million dollar budget and over 200 internationally placed staff.

For the last 10 years he has used his business and marketing skills to successfully transitioned into the DVB-T Consumer Electronics/Broadcasting Industry where he established and his Freeview product distributed through the retail sector of New Zealand under the his own brand name Sommet. Understanding the passion New Zealanders have for their sports Andrew entered the broadcasting arena, developing New Zealand’s first free-to-air sports channel – Sommet Sports T V. Andrew leveraged the Sommet brand with over 50,000.00 homes watching Sommet Sports on their Sommet LCD TV or set top box.

Andrew is a sports nut following nearly all sport. The teams that he follows are: West Ham(EPL), Freiburg (Bundesliga), Adelaide Crows (AFL), Queensland Reds (Super 15) , Brisbane Broncos (NRL) and Cincinnati bengals (NFL).

Why should you help?

You’re already telling us how much Sommet Sports meant to you in the short time it was around. Instead of us telling you why you should help, here are some reasons why people have already pledged to support us:

“I’m retired and live on just the pension payment but the range of sports you’ve brought to us while you were able were exactly my choices. Particularly MotoGP which was outstanding coverage. I’d already set aside $100 as a pledge to get you going from when you mentioned the possibility last year – I wouldn’t mind getting nothing in return – but if you’re offering a T-Shirt then why not. I’ve forwarded this email on to my circle of friends so hope you are able to get up and going again. Fingers crossed it’s before MotoGP starts again…”

What next?

Pledge to our campaign. Share it with your friends. Get in touch with us through the social media links below (or via email). Help us strike back!

Please share this far and wide and help bring the channel back. In order for the Sky’s Sports monopoly to be broken, New Zealand needs a strong, competitive market. Having Sommet Sports online will help make this happen.

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