BREAKING: Natalia Kills and Willy Moon fired effective immediately

Full press release statement:

MediaWorks has today decided that Natalia Kills and Willie Moon are no longer suitable to judge The X Factor and have removed them from the show.

MediaWorks CEO, Mark Weldon, said that last night on The X Factor both Kills and Moon made comments that were completely unacceptable.

“While the judges on X Factor are expected to provide critiques of performances, we will not tolerate such destructive tirades from any of the judges,” Mr Weldon said.

“We no longer have confidence that Kills and Moon are the right people to perform the role of The X Factor judges, and they will leave the show, effective immediately “

FremantleMedia Australia’s Director of Programming, Jonathon Summerhayes, says “We are appalled at the very poor judgement and intention shown by Natalia Kills and Willy Moon. We 100% support TV3 and MediaWorks in their decision to remove them. The X Factor does not tolerate the behavior they displayed last night.”

The X Factor NZ Executive Producer, Andrew Szusterman, said TV3 had acted decisively and in the best interests of the contestants.

“We now need to move on, and give the contestants, and the public the competition that they deserve. Tonight’s show will be judged by Stan Walker and Mel Blatt. Two new judges will be announced before next week’s show.”

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  • benpaul12


  • Dave Ian Batten

    Deserves them right. Those comments were not on! It’s a talent show, not a parliament debate.

  • Kyle Wadsworth


  • Mark Wasley

    Also, refer to the press release just issued by MediaWorks and put up here on Throng.

  • Harrison

    I hope this won’t affect their contestants too much though

  • Kyle Wadsworth

    BRILLIANT. Would have loved to have been in that meeting!

    • Dave Ian Batten

      Me too!

  • Mark Wasley

    I’m looking forward to the new Jackie Thomas song, which will be performed LIVE tonight on the show.

  • Drew

    Can we please have Natasha Bedingfield!!!!

    • Harrison


    • Trevor Ashman

      I can’t agree more …someone with class and real talent 🙂

      • Shannon Ryan

        Argh… no way. Too outdated… to be associated with Daniel Bedingfield makes her an even worse choice.

        • Harrison

          And the All Saints aren’t?

        • Trevor Ashman

          WHAT?? Natasha is no way outdated anyhow I tweeted X Factor NZ to ask them if we can have Natasha 🙂

        • bobscoffee

          Why is bagging Daniel Beddingfield? What was so bad about him?

          • Harrison

            I know! I thought he was an excellent judge, definitely wasn’t boring. Plus he always tried to give his comments in a respectful way.

  • Ruby Frosts spider sense is tingling

  • Jay

    Awesome. Two talentless nobodies get to go back to doing what they do best – being talentless nobodies.
    How about getting someone on the show with some ACTUAL music experience??

    • Mat

      To be fair, I don’t think they’re talentless nobodies. However, they don’t belong on the show. Makes me appreciate Stan and Mel even more.

  • Tania

    I don’t think it was just their behaviour last night that did it – it was the embarrassment that these two clowns were bringing on Mediaworks in general. As if the bakery fiasco wasn’t bad enough, when Mediaworks apologised on Willy’s behalf, only for him to react as if he wasn’t sorry at all, it seemed like a two finger salute from him towards his employer. He’s immature at best; her ego is out of control … so what if she’s written a song or two for Rihanna and Madonna? Jessie J is responsible for a huge string of hits for many artists and doesn’t behave like that.

  • bc

    Let’s be honest, TV3 couldn’t care or less how many old ladies get abused, there were two things that killed (get it?) it for them:
    1) Ratings
    2) Nervous sponsors
    Regarding point 1: Kills and Moons were turning people off the show and the ratings were dropping. TV3’s facebook page was inundated with people saying they weren’t going to watch the show anymore why they were on (whether these people actually followed up their threats we will never know, but you can guarantee it was making TV3 nervous)
    But the big worry for TV3 would have been point 2: Sponsors were openly voicing their concerns, and at the end of the day it’s all about advertising revenue.

    • Shannon Ryan

      Completely agree with you. Their comments basically provided Mediaworks with a way out after they realised that taking away the wholesome feel by casting these two was a huge mistake. And this was in the very first live show! They really need all the support they can get with this much of the show left.

  • Gdub_NZ

    While the outcome was the right one what was going on with Rachael Glucina’s hysterical Twitter campaign (NZ Herald / NZME. “Gossip Columinst”) to compromise anything Mediaworks today? It was truely bizarre!

  • Trevor Ashman

    On Twitter Dominic Bowden favorited my tweet about guesses for who the judges may be which were Natasha Bedingfield , Geri Halliwell or Shania Twain , I don’t think there is much of a chance for Geri or Shania but I still feel hopeful for Natasha ..I wonder if Dominic was hinting? 🙂