Coincidence? Natalia Kills' single features on premiere of The Royals TV show on the same day she was fired

On the very same day Natalia Kills was making headlines all around the world and was fired from The X Factor New Zealand, her single “Problem” featured on the premiere of E Channel’s new TV show The Royals, according to US Magazine.

Coincidence or all part of the plan?

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  • Kyle Wadsworth

    Featured how? It doesn’t even sound like it could be a thing, just because they played a snippet of her song or whatever.

    • They played 1:30 of her song at full volume with only a few seconds of it being talked over at the start. The rest was while the prince was bedding a girl.

      • Jasmine

        That’s obviously merely a coincidence – her music has been used in plenty of films and TV.

  • Harrison

    Hmm how could they plan the timing though? Unless they thought after they knew when it would air

  • riki