CWC Final one of Prime's most watched

Prime TVThe Cricket World Cup on Sunday had an average audience of almost half a million viewers during the Black Caps innings, making it the 3rd highest rating event for Prime in the last 6 years.

The two other things that beat it were the rowing finals at the 2012 London Olympics and Prime News a few days earlier.

The biggest audiences on Prime come from sports related events with the Olympics and delayed rugby making a strong showing while the only non-sport event near the top of the chart is a single episode of Downton Abbey.

A couple of years ago, the America’s Cup drew audiences of over a million viewers on a single Sunday morning. The 2011 Rugby World Cup had free-to-air audiences that were more than 2 million.

This raises questions again about key sports and whether or not there needs to be some regulation around ensuring these games are available live on free-to-air.

The main issue with Prime’s coverage is that despite the years of promises, the channel is still not available in HD. Sky kindly, from time to time, make some sporting fixtures available live on their free-to-air channel but at a lesser quality when compared to both TV3 or TV One’s HD broadcasts.

Kiwi’s clearly love their sport and will tune in in much larger numbers when events are broadcast live on free-to-air television. How much longer will we have to wait for Sky to upgrade Prime to HD?

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  • Jack daniels

    What is with people complaining about the lack of HD?! We lived without it for years and now that it’s available people demand it be used! It’s clear and easy to see the picture as platforms are digital now so bugger if it ain’t in HD