Get to know The Bachelor... Arthur Green



Age: 26
Occupation: Co-owner of Clean Paleo Ltd
Hometown: Martinborough
Height: 190cm

Arthur Green (26) is ambitious, active, handsome and very down to earth.

He grew up on a farm in Martinborough, later spending time in Wellington, then Christchurch before heading to university in Dunedin to study Sport Science.

Following his studies, Arthur managed a gym in remote Western Australia, where people were constantly seeking nutrition advice. He developed an interest in the paleo diet and now he runs and part-owns a company called Clean Paleo Ltd with two other friends. The business is going great guns and they’re set for world domination, having just moved into Australia and with China next on the radar.

With his intense schedule, he has been too busy to find love but he is ready to change that.

In the weekends you’ll find Arthur trying to surf, playing tennis, going up north to beaches and finding farmers’ markets. You also find him working as that’s the nature of his business.

His friends would describe him as fun, funny and active. They’d say he doesn’t like to sit still, is happy-go-lucky, positive, chilled and ready to find love.

His ideal woman is someone who is funny, active and intellectual with great eyes. He doesn’t mind if she’s smarter than him and ideally she’d have a good job with her own ambition and drive.

Arthur doesn’t want a high-maintenance girlfriend, but doesn’t mind a bit of sass.

He had a girlfriend for five years from the age of 18, but they split amicably when he went to Australia and she went further afield. He is now ready to settle down permanently.

Arthur is very close to his family and loves spending time with his six sisters.

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  • Tania

    I wonder what his star sign is? I’m picking one of the water signs. He has lovely eyes. I wonder if he’ll pick the blonde woman who he told had beautiful eyes … hmmm …