Live Blog: The X Factor NZ S02E10 - Judges Retreat part 1

XfactorlogoTonight, The X Factor NZ takes many of our remaining acts offshore as the judges head to their relaxation spaces for the next round of decision making. By the end of this week, we’ll be down to 12 and next week, the live shows begin.

First up tonight are the girls who are in Bangkok, Thailand with Stan Walker. It’s 36 degrees and Nyssa Collins is struggling with the heat. She’s not alone though, Jazzy Axton is also finding it tough. Nothing like a bit of stress, jetlag and heat exhaustion to prepare you for what’s coming next.

Stan introduces his guest mentor, Ginny Blackmore. She tells the girls that confidence is key but that was something she learnt too late. Stan tells them “Don’t just be good, be great”.

First up to perform is Finlay Robertson who is struggling with losing her voice a little due to the heat. She’s performing Jessie J’s Big White Room. It wasn’t too bad, considering. I really liked having the guitarist sitting right next to her as she sang which gave Finlay someone else to bounce off during the performance. It made it feel more like a jam and a live gig than just someone singing to a couple of talent scouts.

Dominic Bowden must be clocking up the air miles right now as he’s with the girls in Bangkok and I can only assume he’s going to be globe trotting to every location.

Next up is Sally Faherty who has been keeping the other hotel guests awake by singing and rehearsing in her room. She sings Strong by London Grammar and unfortunately it’s just very different to her personality. Sally comes across as incredible confident but her performances are just dull and boring. I’m suspicious that the guitar that she continues to use is actually holding her back. She has a nice voice but as Stan says, I’m not sure I’ve connected with her either.

Third to front is Nyssa Collins. She’s singing with the guitarist again, and on hearing him I think Sally would definitely have been better off using him. I quite like this performance from Nyssa despite not really being a fan. I liked it more than Sally’s but I think Sally is a better personality.

Lili Bayliss is bringing Love Locked Down to the table and performs with her guitar and once again shows up the difference between those who are and those who aren’t using the professional musician. I like Lili, but like Sally, I just find her boring.

Fifth up is 14 year old Jazzy Axton. She seems more confident than most and performs well with her backing. I’m not that into her voice but she’s got enough raw talent that makes her a real contender for a spot in the top 12.

Georgina Banfield is missing her kids but she’s here now to perform again. She’s not ready for this big stage though. She was pitchy, nervous, and out of her league. To top it all off, she gets word from someone back home who no longer wants anything to do with her. I suspect there might be another guy about to give her a similar message in Bangkok…

Of those six, I’d put through Jazzy, Finlay Robertson and Nyssa based on the performances. Based on previous performances, Jazzy, Finlay and Sally would get my votes. I’m not convinced Stan has the winner in his category based on their performances tonight though.

It’s time for the reveals. First up is Jazzy. Stan talks her up and thinks she’s got the look and everything else but doesn’t think she’s ready. He breaks the poor girl’s heart and tells her she’s not in his top 3.

Next to learn her fate is Nyssa. Unsurprisingly, Stan puts her in and with that, we have a Maka Fiso for 2015.

Next up are Georgina and Lili. After giving his long speech. Georgina, is deservedly let go. Lili, however, is through to the live shows.

With only two left, it’s time for Sally and Finlay to find out which of them is through and who is going home. Finlay gets the good news that this year, she’s not leaving the show at this point. Sally is outta here.

Stans Top 3
Nyssa Collins
Lili Bayliss
Finlay Robertson

Next up to perform are Natalia Kills’ boys. She’s bought Season one third place getter Benny Tipene as her guest mentor, which is a strange choice. Obviously Madonna was busy.

The first of the boys to perform for their place in the competition is Nofo Lameko. He is playing his guitar as he performs a mashup of Rolling in the Deep and Crazy. He has truckloads of personality and a reasonable voice but I don’t think he understands how the show works in regards to connecting to an audience.

Micah Heath has been in the wars since the auditions after coming off his bike back home in Christchurch. He nervously performs Radioactive and is a true pro. His start on the chair and then standing to finish was as if he’s done this before. I can see him doing very well.

Next up is 14 year old Archie Hill. Again, he’s another good little performer who is bound to draw votes. I just can’t see anyone not liking Archie.

Beau Monga is performing an original song with his loop pedal again. I think the problem for Beau is that his little gimmick is going to wear off. I liked his audition but I haven’t liked anything he’s done since. Natalia compares Beau and his loop pedal and whether or not people are going to get sick of him to people getting sick of Jimi Hendrix and his guitar.

Tomorrow, Natalia makes her decisions and Melanie Blatt carves up her groups.

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  • roger

    live blog eh?

  • Harrison

    That leaves none of my favourites left 🙁 not a good start

  • Trevor Ashman

    I was surprised about Jazzy not going through but I’m happy about Lili 🙂

    • roger

      Jazzy picked a song not suited to a 14 year old. That being said, she is talented. But no more than Cassie Henderson in my opinion.

      • Tania

        Jazzy came across as a bit cocky in my view.
        I’m pleased Stan sent that weird hippy chick with the guitar home – she was also her own biggest fan.

  • 2 outta 3 I really liked.

  • Tania

    I quite liked Georgina – she had sass, I thought.
    I must’ve been out of the room when she got that news from home – why do we even need to know that sort of stuff?
    I can’t stand Archie – please do NOT let him get through!
    I love Beau! He’s incredible!!! And Benny should definitely understand his plight, having also come from a busking background.
    I quite like Natalia as a judge – she’s cool.
    Ewwww at Dom’s open shirt in Thailand – poor girls having to hug his sweaty chest :-/

  • Cameron

    I have never seen such a sad collection of d grade talent. It’s embarrassing for New Zealand. No wonder the ratings are so low. Can’t stand that Dominic Bowden either. He is such a try hard and so freaking annoying.

    • Jasmine

      sounds like you need to not watch

  • Sharmaine

    Sounds like we All need not to watch lol