Live Blog: The X Factor NZ S02E12 - Judges Retreat part 3

the-x-factorIt’s the final night of The X Factor NZ judges retreats. Melanie Blatt is about to give the verdict to her over 25s and after hearing them all perform, as long as Steve Broad and Sarah Spicer are in her top 3, I really don’t care who else goes through.

Who will grab the last 6 places in the top 12? Let’s find out.

First up to learn their fate are Talitha Blake, Kayla Mahon and Sarah Spicer. Melanie goes through her long drawn out spiel and then let’s them go. First it’s Talitha and then Kayla who are cut loose. Sarah though, is in Mel’s top 3.

Joe Irvine is convinced he has the X Factor. I’m not so sure. He’s a fun guy but I don’t think he’s anything more than a karaoke singer. Irrespective of that, he is going to be great for television. He’s also in Mel’s Top 3.

Finally, it’s Steve Broad and Joseph Emanuel. Of course, Steve is in while Joseph is out.

Mel’s Top 3
Sarah Spicer
Joe Irvine
Steve Broad

Finally, it’s Willy Moon and his groups. Joining him as his guest judge is Jason Kerrison. Willy has another surprise up his sleeve by bringing in a seventh group who were rejected from Stan’s girls. Mae Valley are up first as a country duo. They’re not too bad together at all and appear to have gelled together pretty well.

Next up are Duel, the cheeky sibling duo formerly known as Elijah & Leilani. I really like their tones together and I suspect they’re just going to keep getting better.

Next to perform on the lawn in front of the Karaka mansion are Stuss. I’m not that sold.

Reggae act, Urban Legacy are just a really good covers band but I don’t see anything original about them.

Bendan Thomas & The Vibes deliver a laid back Georgia On My Mind to reveal a much softer side of the group. I’m warming to them.

Singing Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror is Modulation. They can definitely sing but boy do they need some coaching.

It wasn’t the best performance from Fare Thee Well with A Thousand Miles.

If I was making the pick, it would be Duel, Fare Thee Well and Brendan Thomas & The Vibes.

It comes to the decision and Willy follows the format that every other judge has done before him and strings each act along. First up are Brendan Thomas & The Vibes and Urban Legacy. Of the two, going through are Brendan Thomas & The Vibes.

Next up for a verdict are Duel and Stuss. Of these two, going home are Duel.

It’s the moment of truth for the last 3 groups. Mae Valley, Fare Thee Well and Modulation sit down for their last few moments. Mae Valley aren’t through and neither are Modulation.

Willy’s Top 3
Brendan Thomas & The Vibes
Fare Thee Well

It’s not over though. There will be a 13th act again in 2015. Each judge has selected one act that the public can vote for in the hopes they will join the Top 13 on Sunday they are:

Joseph Emanuel, Mae Valley, Archie Hill and Jazzy Axton

Voting closes at midday tomorrow.

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  • Harrison

    So glad Abby is back!

  • Gdub_NZ

    Personally I think Groups is the strongest category this year. It’s going to be interesting to see who Willie takes through to the live shows. I also think Overs is the weakest category after Mel’s choices for the live shows.

  • Harrison

    Regan, who do you want as wildcard? I’m voting for both Mae Valley and Jazzy (Yay she’s back too!)

    • Gdub_NZ

      I just text voted for Mae Valley. I’m intrigued to see how they could develop as a group so I hope they get the Wild Card.

  • roger

    I thought Duel were great.

    • Harrison

      I did too! I’ll miss them 🙁