Live Blog: The X Factor NZ S02E14

XfactorlogoWow. Today has been rather crazy. I need a bit of a chance to catch my breath. No time for that though, as we’re about to find out who is joining Willy and Natalia leaving the show.

There is mention of today’s events but it feels as though they’re glossing over it a little.

Savage and Timmy Trumpet perform Trumpet as we wait for some elimination results.

Results time. Who has made it through to next week’s show:

Joe Irvine
Stevie Tonks
Finlay Robertson
Beau Monga
Fare Thee Well
Nofo Lameko
Sarah Spicer
Brendan Thomas & The Vibes
Mae Valley
Steve Broad

Bottom Two
Lili Bayliss

X Factor NZ season one winner, Jackie Thomas, performs her new single Until The Last Goodbye

Stuss perform first and bore me as much as they did last night.

Lili Bayliss performs Scrubs and it sounds rather awful. Of the two, I’d say it should be Lili being sent home.

It comes to the vote and we go to deadlock. The public vote counts and the first act leaving The X Factor NZ with the fewest votes is, Stuss.

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  • Kyle Wadsworth

    Mm was weird Savage lip synced a bit

    • Tania

      He probably struggled to sing live as he seemed a bit breathless (not meaning to sound insensitive – just saying. I think he’s a great artist). Love Timmy Trumpet – gorgeous accent <3

  • Tania

    I’m just not feeling it with the contestants this year 🙁 This blonde woman singing ‘Scrubs’ is dire 🙁 She’s butchered that song! 🙁

  • Trevor Ashman

    Lili shouldn’t have been in the bottom 2, silly people 🙂