Mediaworks announces two new additions to the X Factor NZ family

MediaWorks announced today two exciting new additions to The X Factor NZ family.

Hosted by Guy, Sharyn and Clint from The Edge Afternoons, The Xtra Factor will air on FOUR on Sundays and Mondays directly after The X Factor NZ screens on TV3, and be repeated on The Edge TV on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7pm.

The Xtra Factor will be a play-by-play wrap up of that night’s X Factor NZ LIVE episode. It will dissect the drama and reactions to all the action, interviewing judges, contestants and guest performers.

“We’re LIVE straight after The X Factor NZ finishes so any tears of joy or sadness will play out on The Xtra Factor – I can’t wait to pick up the pieces,” says host Clint Roberts.

Web-based show The X Factor RAW is an exclusive online content series dedicated to the fans of The X Factor NZ.

The X Factor Raw will take you behind the scenes of what the contestants get up to when they aren’t on the live stage. You will see everything from dance choreography, studio recordings, vocal workshops, plus informal exclusive interviews with contestants, judges and fans.

The X Factor RAW will be hosted by social media queen Caito Potatoe, aka 17 year-old newcomer Internet superstar Caitlin Davidson.

Caito kicked of her Internet stardom in November 2014 with a Facebook video about an unreasonable parking ticket and has since garnered over 160,000 followers on her Facebook profile alone.

“I can’t believe when I started Caito Potatoe that I would end up hosting my own X Factor web series! I’m looking forward to seeing many groovy eyebrows (my trademark) and annoying Willy Moon,” she says.

The first episode of The Xtra Factor will coincide with the launch of The X Factor NZ LIVE shows on March 15 while The X Factor RAW will be available on 3NOW digital platforms and THE EDGE TV kicking off on Tuesday March 17, 2015 with fresh content launching daily.

Group Entertainment Content Director Andrew Szusterman is thrilled that these fantastic new shows are launching.

“The fifth judge, [the audience] is alive and well this season on The X Factor NZ and The Xtra Factor and The X Factor RAW is designed just for them.”

Tickets to the first two The X Factor NZ LIVE shows on March 15 and 16 will be available after tonight’s episode at 8.30pm via

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  • roger

    I am surprised they didn’t get Jamie Curry to be the web host. 10 million facebook followers.

  • Pete

    Who the hell is this Andrew Szusterman???? Ever since he took over Media Works, it has gone to the dogs. He made a stuff up with the two departed hosts on x factor and had zero clue how to choose a likeable host for the show. Dominic Bowden is a pain in the bloody a. This persons connection to Radio, predominantly The Edge, has seen him sign up people, like dropkick Guy Williams, Sharyn whoever and Clint who gives a sh*t to fronting shows when they should quite obviously stick to radio. To add insult to injury, we have to endure Dominic Bowden and that Sharyn person once more, when they front Dancing with the stars. Andrew Szusterman PLEASE do the New Zealand viewing public a favour and go back to radio. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was the one behind John Campbell leaving.