The Natalia Kills controversy: A list of links

The Natalia Kills and Willy Moon controversy has blown up this morning so to help to keep across it all, here are all the links to stories around the world.

Please feel free to add any more in the comments so I can update them. Are these the nastiest reality TV judges ever?

Mumbrella: New Zealand’s TV3 sacks judges for humiliating contestant

TVNZ: ‘We will not tolerate such destructive tirades’ – X Factor judges Natasha Kills, Willie Moon sacked

PopDust: Natalia Kills And Willy Moon Fired From X Factor Following ‘Destructive Tirade’

PopSugar: Those Awful Judges on The X Factor NZ Have Been Fired

TVNZ: X Factor judges sacked after Natalia Kills’ vicious tirade

Family First: Sacking Of Judges Good Decision for Families

MSN: X Factor judges axed

NBR: ‘MediaWorks made the right call’ — 2degrees on X Factor judge sackings

NetGuide: Social media really can get you fired

The Hits: BREAKING: Willy Moon & Natalia Kills FIRED From X Factor

Stuff: X Factor sacking: For real or for ratings?

BuzzFeed: Natalia Kills And Willy Moon Have Been Fired From “X Factor” New Zealand

Fox: Two X Factor Judges Fired For Bullying On Live Television

Faster Louder: Is this the nastiest X Factor judge response ever?

Daily Mail: X Factor NZ judges axed

Rickey: Natalia Kills and Willy Moon Fired from ‘The X Factor New Zealand’

Stuff: Sponsors slate X Factor’s Natalia Kills and Willy Moon

Woman’s Day: X Factor judges fired over ‘bullying’ comments

Otago Daily Times: TV3 sacks X Factor judges

Stuff: X Factor judges Natalia Kills Willy Moon Sacked

3 News: Natalia Kills, Willy Moon fired from X Factor NZ


Stuff: X Factor Natalia Kills loses it

The X Factor Brazil: “Desculpe amor, mas você é uma idiota”: Melanie Blatt quebra o silêncio critica Natalia Kills no Instagram

Nova969: Judges disgusting verbal abuse X Factor New Zealand goes viral

2Day FM: Two Reality TV Judges are being billed as the cruelest ever and we agree

Popdust: Melanie Blatt Slams Fellow X Factor Judge Natalia Kills: ‘You’re a Twat!’

The Spinoff: Who else has copied Willy Moon

Fox: Two reality TV judges are being billed as the cruellest ever and we agree

The Edge: Mel Blatt shares her side of the story

RadioLive: Duncan Garner: Support Joe Irvine

The Hits: WATCH: Stan Walker Labels Natalia Kills Behaviour As ‘Disgusting’

NZ On Air: NZ On Air issues statement regarding X Factor NZ

International Business Times: ‘The X Factor New Zealand’: Natalia Kills, Willy Moon Angered Viewers After ‘Bullying’ Contestant Joe Irvine [VIDEO]


Pop Dust: Melanie Blatt Slams Fellow X Factor Judge Natalia Kills: ‘You’re a Twat!’

3News: Melanie Blatt, Stan Walker slam Natalia Kills

TVNZ: Bullied X Factor contestant asks ‘why you gotta be so rude, don’t you know I’m human?’

NBR: X Factor sponsors on edge following controversial episode

Buzzfeed: Nastiest X-Factor Judge Ever?

People: X Factor Judge Eviscerates Contestant, Accuses Him of ‘Copying’ Her Husband Are these the nastiest reality TV judges ever?

The Mirror: X Factor New Zealand in bullying row: Is this the meanest X Factor put down EVER?

Billboard: ‘X Factor New Zealand’ Judges Under Fire for ‘Bullying’ Contestant

DigitalSpy: Has Natalia Kills given the nastiest X Factor judging of all time?

9News: New Zealand X Factor judge verbally abuses contestant for wearing a suit Move over Simon Cowell – two NZ X Factor judges sensationally lay into hopeful and it makes for extremely uncomfortable viewing Take Natalia Kills off XFactor

Facebook: Let’s vote Natalia Kills off X Factor

Daily Mail: Outcry over NZ X Factor judge’s comments Natalia Kills and Willy Moon are Hypocrites, ‘Yeah Yeah’ video is exact copy of ‘Prisencolinensinainciusol’

NZ Herald: Pressure on TV3 after X Factor judges Willy Moon and Natalia Kills humiliate contestant on live TV

PublicAddress: Villainy and engagement

Popdust: Natalia Kills Destroys X Factor Contestant With Cruellest Critique Ever—Watch Now!

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  • Harrison
  • Harrison
    • bc

      Stan’s an idiot – he must be the thickest man on television. He talks in clichés, because he’s unable to think up anything original. He tweets this a day later – a day later!! Is that how long it took the neurons in his brain to fire up and write a response.
      Look at the clip attached to this post, he just sits there, totally dumbfounded. But I guess he’s likeable in a non-threating way. Imagine trying to hold a conversation with him though!.
      I have no idea who Melanie Blatt is, but at least she tried to intervene and deal with the booing and tension.

  • benpaul12

    It’s all adding up to a great season of x-factor.

  • Brendon Taylor

    Why is it that NZ Xfactor is lumbered with 50% POMs for judges.

    • Nige.

      Its quite cringey to think that producers dont think enough of our own local talents opinion enough to give them a go. Good on them for having a couple here and there but it really does say a lot about where their moral compasses are pointed.

  • Harrison
  • Kyle Wadsworth

    This is still heating up fast – when will TV3 or X Factor NZ come out and tell us how they’re dealing with this?

  • Eugene

    Look at who is the C*** now

  • Brendon Taylor

    Shouldn’t Willy be able to say this stuff himself, Natalia just trampled all over his manhood, if they really think that guys appearance was violating Willy’s intellectual property rights, then they should lawyer up, after all isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

    • benpaul12

      Why would you want to look like Willy in the first place?!

      • Gaynor

        I think he has the same sanctimonious face as Nicky Hager.

  • Harrison
  • Trevor Ashman

    I actually quite like Willy Moon on X Factor NZ he seems to be quite fair despite what’s happened 🙂

    • Harrison

      I found his comments regarding this disgusting

      • Trevor Ashman

        Yes, I do agree with you but other than this I have found his comments quite fair 🙂

  • ++

    This sounds like something off Black Mirror.

  • Kyle Wadsworth

    I’d love to know what Willy really thinks.

  • Tania

    Controversy aside, this is magical PR .. at least it has everyone talking.

  • Nige.

    Was kind of waiting for the punch line. Trouble is that this is EXACTLY what i have come to expect of x-idol or whatever the hell one we are on this month.

    The spectacle of this leads me to believe that this was most likely staged.

    • STAG

      Not staged, just two completely self evolved D grade celebrities who think their modicum of success gives them some sort of high ground. Sad little people.

      • Nige.

        I dont even know who they are and wouldnt want to boost their pathetic egos by adding to the statistic by googling them

        • STAG

          I let the links on Stuff do that for me, seems he is a nasty piece of work with a propensity to swear at mothers with young children. I predict he’ll get sorted out by someone in the near future.

  • bc

    Thanks for all those links, who would have thought it would made headlines overseas!

  • Tania

    I think they should get Redfoo over here. He’s in Oz, promoting his new single … he’d bring some much-needed star power, that’s for sure. I like Stan and Mel, but they need at least one judge to bring … the X Factor.

  • Harrison
  • Roger Dodger
  • Harrison
  • Harrison

    That video’s on 2 million views plus!