Review: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

NETFLIX HAS ARRIVED! Like a beam of light from the gods it has shone upon Aotearoa, bringing us another viewing choice. Admittedly we have been given ‘Netflix Lite’ at this stage; but there are some real gems to uncover. A good place to start would be with The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Being the brainchild of  Executive Producers Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, who previously worked together on Fey’s iconic series 30 Rock, Kimmy Schmidt definitely has large scoops of Rock’s Style and Charm. To start with this is eerily familiar, almost off putting. By episode 3 though, the show really finds it’s own dynamic.

The series follows the titular Kimmy, played with effortless glee by Ellie Kemper, after she and three other women have just been saved from an underground apocalypse cult where she has been held for 18 years by a mysterious leader. Once free, fearing she will be forever haunted by her life as a “mole woman” and realising she has missed out on so much of her life she moves to New York to begin anew.

Through a series of madcap events she ends up sharing an apartment with a fabulous black gay man, Tituss, and working for a deluded New York housewife Jacqueline, portrayed by another 30 Rock alumni Jane Krakowski. Across the series she deals with love, loss and all the things she missed out on; for example ‘Firework’ by Katy Perry (I assure you this will make sense once you have viewed)

The writing on Kimmy Schmidt is impeccable and the actors excel in encompassing their character’s traits fully. The real star of the show though is the directing, the jokes come at such breakneck speed that the director and editor must have had a job and a half piecing them together so seemlessly. The series has to be viewed more than once to simply take all of the one liners and gags in fully.

With Netflix already committing to another 13 episode series, the only complaint I have is it is not enough. While originally sceptical about how much content can come from the premise, the show soon proves that its bounds are endless, especially with such strong supporting characters as Tituss and Jacqueline. I would be remiss not to mention Kimmy’s landlord, Lillian, played by TV veteran Carol Kane, who has some of the best jokes, in a show full of amazing jokes.

If you get nothing out of your free Netflix trial you will have at least had the opportunity to meet Kimmy Schmidt, I couldn’t recommend it more.

Troll the re-spawn, Jeremy. (again this will make sense after viewing).

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