Samsung adds new apps to its Smart TV lineup

Samsung-ES8000Samsung Electronics New Zealand today announced exciting additions to its full suite of on-demand internet TV streaming applications that are available on Samsung smart TV’s, cementing Samsung’s leadership position in providing more content than any other smart TV on the market.

Among the new line up of content applications Samsung is delivering direct to its smart TVs is Netflix, PGA Tour and an all new TVNZ OnDemand app. PGA Tour and the new TVNZ OnDemand apps are exclusive to Samsung smart TVs.

Mike Cornwell, head of marketing at Samsung New Zealand, says as the number one seller of smart TVs in New Zealand Samsung has focused on developing relationships with providers to deliver great content to its smart TV customers.

“With this new content app line up our smart TVs are the only ones on the market that can truly provide more of what our customers want, when they want it,” says Mike.

Netflix will be available on Samsung smart TVs from March 24th and Mike says viewing Netflix through Samsung’s range of UHD 4K smart TVs will enable customers to enjoy the thrill of a truly cinematic experience which Netflix’s 4K content delivers.

“Our smart TVs, including our new SUHD TV which is on sale in NZ in mid-April, incorporates 4K viewing technology and makes them among the best to experience Netflix’s 4K content,” says Mike.

As part of its launch of Netflix Samsung has entered an exclusive promotional partnership with the popular streaming service which give it’s the right to be the first TV manufacturer to offer customers a free six-month Netflix subscription for an exclusive period starting on May 1 and ending on July 31, 2015.

The PGA Tour application is exclusive to Samsung and will be available by the end of March. PGA Tour streams all the PGA golf tournaments live and builds on Samsung’s existing partnership with the Coliseum Sports team. Coliseum Sports’, PremierLeaguePass application is already exclusively available on Samsung Smart TVs.

Samsung is also excited to be working exclusively with TVNZ to offer an all new TVNZ OnDemand application which will be available at the end of March.

TVNZ OnDemand manager, Jason Foden, says, “We’ve chosen to work exclusively with Samsung on delivering our OnDemand application as they have a real commitment to offer freedom and choice of content to their consumers which gives TVNZ OnDemand the greatest reach.’

These exciting new services are in addition to the more than 100 content applications already available on Samsung smart TVs including Lightbox, 3Now, Video Ezy, Ezyflix, Spotify, PremierLeaguePass and Pandora.

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  • Simon Green

    So let me get this right. TVNZ has signed an exclusive deal with Samsung because they offer “freedom and choice”. Seems like TVNZ are taking that away from their viewers.

    TVNZ on Demand should offer Chromecast support and then I can decide what device I can connect it too (3Now and Sky TV should do that too)

    • Jay

      Yeah, came back to NZ to discover you can now only get TVNZ ondemand on Samsung TVs (the website is even blocked when viewed from the Playstation web browser!). I think that’s pretty lame. Hopefully they appreciate whatever short-term gain they made on the deal as their share of online viewing quickly evaporates.

  • benpaul12

    PGA Tour?? Awesome!