A single paragraph and so many things wrong

The Herald ran a pros and cons about joining Netflix yesterday but in typical fashion, managed to get things wrong. And it wasn’t only once. Can you spot all the mistakes in this single paragraph?

Con: No Game of Thrones
That’s right, the world’s biggest show kicks off its fifth season in April, but to watch it on-demand, you’ll need Sky’s Neon package. Netflix won’t be airing any HBO content, as that goes on HBO’s own streaming service in America, HBO Go. So you’ll have to look elsewhere for your fix of the mob drama, or equally acclaimed shows like The Wire and The Sopranos. Boo.

Let me help you. If you want to watch the all new fifth season of Game of Thrones in April, it won’t be on Sky’s Neon as Chris Schulz suggests. The delay on the availability isn’t even days, or weeks. You’ll be waiting at least 11 months for Sky to make it available.

Yes, Netflix doesn’t have HBO content but HBO’s own streaming service in the US isn’t HBO Go, it’s HBO Now. HBO Go is their catch up service for cable subscribers while HBO Now is their Netflix equivalent service.

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