SkyGo fails the stress test

So you’re stuck at work without a TV wishing you could watch the Black Caps take on South Africa in the first of the Cricket World Cup semi finals. You then remember that Sky have this app that allows subscribers to stream certain content. Finally you have a reason to use it. You load up the SkyGo app and discover that despite paying about $100 a month, you can’t connect and keep getting errors. You frustratingly keep trying as your twitter feed announces yet another wicket has fallen.

Welcome to the life of a Sky subscriber today. This tweet summed it up nicely.

Russell Brown succinctly points out:

I can imagine the response now…

Dear Subscribers,

Thanks for choosing to pay us again this month for our overpriced, poor quality service.

Unfortunately, due to our own incompetence and continued failure to prepare for the transition to online, we couldn’t deliver what you thought you were paying for.

To save face, we’re saying sorry.

Please don’t contact us regarding a refund as there won’t be one.

Disrespectfully yours

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  • Thank god I’m near a proper old school TV today for the game. SKY GO has always been an utter disgrace since day one, and iSKY wasn’t anything to be proud of either. They just refuse to do anything. The quality of service simply wouldn’t survive in any other country unless it was third world.