Willy Moon's big clue that it was always the plan to be fired from The X Factor NZ

Yesterday afternoon right before it was announced that he was fired from the show, Willy Moon posted this photo to his Instagram account:


It’s a photo of Malcolm McLaren. Why did he post that photo? What was Malcolm McLaren known for?

Here are some quotes about Malcolm McLaren:

Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren (22 January 1946 – 8 April 2010[1]) was a British musician, impresario, visual artist, performer, clothes designer and boutique owner, notable for combining these activities in an inventive and provocative way.

McLaren has said about himself: “I have been called many things: a charlatan, a con man, or, most flatteringly, the culprit responsible for turning British popular culture into nothing more than a cheap marketing gimmick. This is my chance to prove that these accusations are true.”

“[A] passion for style and social friction… McLaren brought an unusual approach to his job, pushing the band to shock its American audiences as much as possible.

In every shape and form, the Sex Pistols was the product of McLaren’s imagination. He put the band together and orchestrated the outrage that made them the toast of the English punk rock scene. Rotten called McLaren “the most evil person on earth.”

His varied, bombastic career was driven, he once said, by some advice an old art school teacher had given him. “We will all be failures,” the educator told the young McLaren. “But at least be a magnificent, noble failure. Anyone can be a benign success.”

McLaren became involved in radical art movement known as Internationale Situationist, which staged “happenings” and utilized slogans designed to provoke outrage.

Does this make the planned firing conspiracy more believable to you now?

Quotes from here, here and here.

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  • Alastair Thompson

    That might suggest that Willie and Kills engineered this. But not necessarily that the producers were in on it.

    It is a clever way to become suddenly a lot more famous though.

    • Roger Dodger

      infamous even

    • That’s my current thinking.

    • K

      That’s what I think too. Nothing to do with producers, all something they thought up

  • Guest

    I think he’s just trying to find a silver lining in all of this and make himself seem like a hero. He’s ruined his career in the eyes of many

  • Eugene

    you mean he copied somebody? How disgusting

  • Harrison

    If those 2 did all this on purpose I feel so sorry for their contestants. What a horrible thing to do

  • Jack Black

    nothings as it seems. everyone seems to win in this scenario: x-factor gains viewers and therefore ratings; moon and kills possibly get a payout for their performance and leave to focus on other $$$-making schemes utilizing their notoriety; even the x-factor contestant joe irvine went on to the next round as a result of overwhelming sympathy. whoever is engineering this they certainly know their craft well

  • peeksta

    Let them have their 15 minutes of fame. After that they will rot away. They were nothing but bullies and im pleased to see that the producers and the network took a stance to show not only NZ but the world that there is no place anywhere for bullies.

  • Harrison