3 News moving to 30 minute bulletins on Sundays

3 NewsThe Sunday Star Times reports that 3 News is moving to a 30 minute bulletin on Sundays to make way for their new current affairs program 3D and 3D Investigates.

TV3 is to chop its Sunday night news bulletin to 30 minutes, in the latest dramatic move to turn its news department into a “news, commentary and conversation” team.

The reduced Sunday news bulletin, starting on May 24, allows TV3 to move its former hour-long mid-week 3rd Degree current affairs programme to early Sunday evening. It is being renamed 3D and will be shortened to 30 minutes.

Duncan Garner and Samantha Hayes remain the presenters. Hayes will also, with David Farrier, present Newsworthy, the renamed TV3 late news programme that will include a significant “digital element”.

Is this the beginning of changes to the news hour that many have suggested over the years? Are we about to see a move to 30 minutes of news and then 30 minutes of current affairs as is the case in many other countries around the world.

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  • Mr Guess

    Why not just put Prime News on with a half hour delay? What’s the point.

  • benpaul12

    I think this is a good thing, at least Friday and Saturday bulletins should only be 30 minutes with extended sports session in the final 30.

    There’s far too much padding in them.