3rd Degree is gone

3rd DegreeThis just in from NZ On Air

NZ On Air will fund a new investigative journalism strand for TV3 called 3D Investigates.

The funding will support 10 in-depth investigations into issues and topics of importance to all New Zealanders within TV3’s weekly current affairs programme 3D (formerly 3rd Degree).

“Investigative journalism is fundamental to a strong democracy and national debate. It is becoming increasingly scarce in New Zealand due to the commercial pressures faced by broadcasters and the news media generally,” says Jane Wrightson CEO of NZ On Air.

“When NZ On Air established the Platinum Fund we had a specialist current affairs programme in mind, to broaden the content options for New Zealanders. It is clear that the logistics of a stand-alone investigative journalism programme are not viable, so funding a segment within an existing series makes sense,” Ms Wrightson continues.

Funding details
3D Investigates, 10 x 30 mins, Mediaworks TV for TV3, $567,420 (Platinum)

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  • Jack Daniels

    So no more 3rd degree? A new show with a similar premise and reduced amount of episodes is replacing it?

  • Jake

    The way I read it is thay 3rd Degree is just rebranding as 3D and this is funding for a series of special investigations within the larger series.

    • Harvey

      Exactly how I read it too. Typical of this site making something out of nothing.

      • Regan Cunliffe

        Oh Harvey, your bitterness is getting the better of you. Jake’s reading of things is absolutely correct.

        Either way, 3rd Degree is no more.

        The way you choose to interpret facts is entirely up to you.