Did all that discussion help Campbell Live's ratings last night?

Campbell LiveWith all of the discussion yesterday around the ratings, the only petition that needed to be made was to not just say you supported Campbell Live but to actually tune in and watch. So, did New Zealanders follow my advice and do that? Yes they did!

Last night’s Campbell Live not only had the highest average for 2015, it was the third highest rating episode in the last 18 months.

An average audience of 293,050 viewers tuned in last night, a figure that is 53% higher than the 2015 average.

The question now is, will these numbers continue or is it just an outlier based on all the extra publicity? Viewers, the future of the show is in your hands…

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  • Myles

    Thanks Regan. Do you know how Campbell Live rates against CloseUp? Was it comparable to the current ratings?

  • Shannon Ryan

    Wrong. Of all the extra people watching the show, the only people that matter are those with people meters. If they stay put, Campbell might have a chance.

    • benpaul12


  • Challenger

    Why do viewers prefer One NEWS to 3NEWS. The difference is 500K. The issue is not with Campbell Live. It is 3 NEWS. It is lots of fluff and if you have watched Prime at 5:30 you have watched 3 without all the BS. If TV3 can attract viewers to 3NEWS then most of them with stick with Campbell Live. 7 Sharp loses an average 200K after One NEWS. Can someone please explain why people prefer One NEWS to 3. If some can find the reason then they can find the solution. By the way how is Paul Henry doing with all the fan fare they picked this rubbish from Aussie dumb. That tell you a lot about TV3 management.