While fans of Campbell Live have tuned in to boost the average audience for the show, they’re not actually helping. Last night’s average audience was up to 293,300 which was the third highest rating episode the show has had since September 2013. However, the problem that Mediaworks has been wanting to address is that the audience from Campbell Live isn’t sticking around after the show which is affecting the rest of their evening ratings and ultimately, their revenue.

Campbell Live Ratings

It’s one thing to tune in for Campbell Live but if the show still can’t deliver audiences to the rest of the evening then it’s a real problem.

Last night, Wild Weather with Richard Hammond had an average audience of 161,040. That’s a 45% loss of audience.

When you compare what happened over on TV2, you can see the contrast.

TV One’s Britain’s Got Talent increased Seven Sharp’s average audience of 409,390 to 425,670 while TV2’s Police Ten 7 had less than four and a half thousand 4,500 fewer viewers than Shortland Street’s 309,040.

I just can’t see Mediaworks buying into any sustained campaign of support for a single show when there is clearly a disconnect between Campbell Live and the rest of the evening viewing on TV3.

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  • Les

    excellence example of why we need campbell live was the articles on the
    GCSB Keys reply’s were, no comment ,i have no knowledge of that, we
    do not spy on New Zealanders ,i was not told,it may of happened ,it was
    only a few, we made a mistake blar,blar,blar no one else had the
    backbone to scrutinize the US involvement in OUR Country i urge all New
    Zealand to blacklist TV3 if Cambell Live is axed

  • Simon Green

    The big question is what would replace it? The only thing I can think of is doing what Channel Ten did a few years ago, and start their stripe shows (MKR, The Block, etc) at 7pm. But that is risky, and Channel Ten have since gone back to start these shows at 7:30pm again.

  • Scott Milne

    So because the rest of their programming is terrible, they want to cancel the one show that is good. That is just illogical thinking.

    • benpaul12

      Campbell Live is rating more than 3 News is. So people are coming over and joining with the hangers-on from 3 News. Then they’re all disappearing. Doesn’t it point more towards the fact that TV3s other programming is crap more than Campbell Live?

      • Regan Cunliffe

        This is a very good assertion. There is the programming aspect along with inertia from TVNZ. Mediaworks have real problems no matter which way you want to skin it.

  • Ovicula

    What do they learn in Management 101 besides sucking up to FJK? This argument is unbelievable.

  • kaybee

    That’s because TV3 keep putting crap reality shows after Campbell Live. Or sad excuses for comedians.

  • Emmess

    Campbell’s so called supporters are probably just switching the telly on and leaving it while they go outside an smoke a joint or something.