Ratings: Our First Home has the X Factor

TV One’s home renovation series Our First Home has continued to build with last night’s episode hitting a near record high with an average audience of 427,490 viewers. In contrast, TV3’s The X Factor NZ has hit a performance show low with last night’s Top 10 show drawing an average audience of only 150 viewers more than last Wednesday’s series low of 236,300.

X Factor NZ Ratings

This is a disastrous figure for one of Mediaworks key shows for 2015. I mentioned last night that I felt that the scheduling changes, along with the end of daylight savings, had impacted on the consistency for the series. TV One, on the other hand, have stuck with Our First Home the entire way through and have consistently built their audience, minus a few blips due to things like the Cricket World Cup final.

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  • benpaul12

    Probably a blend of consistency and content. I’ve watched about 3 episodes of each show and have to say that OFH (while I dislike the format) was more enjoyable and made me feel more fulfilled. Maybe others feel this way too?

  • Tania

    I think the show could be significantly improved if it makes a comeback. Evie Ashton is a great presenter of these types of shows – they should start by signing her up!
    House-wise, my favourite is the Titirangi house … it’s very cute and is extremely well done. That bush setting is divine, too. My second favourite is the Wardlaws’ – that’s a gorgeous house too.