Ratings: The first week of Paul Henry

In a week where Campbell Live went under the pump for declining ratings, TV3 launched their brand new, cross platform early morning news and current affairs bulletin fronted by Paul Henry along with Hilary Barry, Jim Kayes and Perlina Lau. While Campbell Live’s numbers have been lower than they were, having them during the start of the day would be something can only dream of.

The first week of the show saw an average audience during 7am and 9am of 54,873 viewers per day.

Going up against the well established Breakfast was always going to be a challenge. TV One’s early morning show drew an average audience for the week between 7am and 9am of 128,076.

Paul Henry ratings

Comparing the numbers to the previous week, Breakfast was down 7% which may or may not have been due to the two short weeks with Friday and Monday being public holidays thanks to Easter.

While the numbers for The Paul Henry Show appear to be low, they delivered a 110% increase in the average audience compared to what Firstline delivered the week earlier.


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  • Paul Henry is much more entertaining. As usual, viewers brainwashed into watching TV One out of habit.

    • benpaul12

      Yeah while Paul Henry might be more entertaining it doesn’t mean it’s any more fulfilling. Both shows are just fluffy rubbish. I’d rather get out the door, hear the news and then chuck on my own music.

      • Gabrielle Pearson

        I agree. I just read the news on the internet.

  • Lesley Young

    Give the guy a break, he’s only been on for a week. I have to admit I loved his late night show with Jannike. I can’t for the life of me see why they didn’t carry on with a winning formula and keep Jannike on the new morning show. I don’t like Hillary Barry, she’s too ‘Auckland working woman’ for me, altogether too hard and no sense of humour. She’s like Campbell, she’s been around far too long. I can’t see her hitting it off with Paul.

    The sports guy on firstline could have stayed on too. He was better than the new guy they have doing the sports now with Paul.