Sky explains what went wrong

Sky begs customers to stay with themThis media release just in from Sky that attempts to explain why they failed so miserably to deliver their premium service this afternoon.

SoHo’s planned simulcast of the first episode of Season Five of HBO’s Game of Thrones was delayed today due to streaming issues experienced by the international company supplying the live feed.

SKY has been working with the HBO endorsed secure supplier to test their delivery system over the past couple of weeks and the testing had been faultless.

However due to a technical issue with the supplier’s system as they were attempting to deliver the live feed for satellite transmission this afternoon the playout failed. Their efforts to rectify the situation were unsuccessful and therefore the episode was unable to be simulcast in New Zealand.

A secondary file download of the episode for the 8.30pm screening on SoHo and NEON meant that SoHo was able to access and screen the episode on SKY channel 010 at 3.35pm.

“It is incredibly disappointing for all of us that this has happened today, however we have worked with our suppliers to ensure that we were able to get the full episode to air as soon as we could this afternoon,” said SKY CEO John Fellet.

“There will naturally be some fans who were upset they were unable to watch the simulcast at 1pm and we are working with both HBO and the supplier to identify the problem so that it does not affect future 1pm simulcasts during the remainder of the season.”

MY SKY series links assigned to the 1pm screening were transferred to the 3.35pm broadcast.

As a secondary file is used for the 8.30pm screening on SoHo and NEON neither of these broadcasts are affected by the difficulties with the live feed.

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  • benpaul12

    A few years back they wouldn’t have cared at all. This clearly shows that they’re feeling the pinch.

    It’s only a matter of time everything moves in the direction of streaming. As soon as the NZRU pulls its finger and activates rugby online Sky is finished.

    • Stu

      I like the sound of that, but I doubt it’d be the end of Sky – just the end of its near-monopoly. Sky’s had a free run for so many years. Even if it did lose the NZRU jewel in its crown, and let’s say Sky’s subscriber numbers halved, it would still be stronger* than most pay TV companies abroad. Crazy really.

      *in market share, not sheer numbers of course

  • Shannon Ryan

    Surely it didn’t matter because people who were willing to take the day off work are willing to download the leaked episodes…?

    • benpaul12

      Then they probably needed a day of bereavement leave based on Sky’s f-up.