Viewers "cutting the cord" more and more


The Hollywood Reporter has a very interesting article about the rise in Canada of consumers cutting the cord of their Pay TV subscriptions

A report from Convergence Consulting Group points to 95,000 Canadians scrapping their cable TV packages in 2014, up sharply from 13,000 subscribers that did the same in 2013. The report on Canadian TV viewing habits predicts TV subscriber losses will only grow as an estimated 97,000 consumers ditch their pay TV packages in 2015.

While interesting this is hardly shocking news. When you see where they are going to for there televisual needs, it almost seems inevitable:

Where are they going for their TV fix? Netflix Canada, which launched in late 2010, had 3.9 million subscribers at the end of 2014, up from a year-earlier 3 million, according to the report. Increased Canadian cord-cutting comes amid a sea change in the way media companies deliver video content north of the border.

This trend is no doubt only going to continue, and Canadian Pay TV companies are scrambling to un-bundle their plans to compete. It would be fascinating to see some numbers on local trends, even so this precedence cannot be comforting for the ‘VPN Legal action gang‘.


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  • Shannon Ryan

    The terrible launch of Neon did not help Sky’s prospects. They should really spend their resources launching SKY NOW that allows people to download whatever they want for a flat fee. Right now, they are so far behind the times.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      I wouldn’t expect any of that kind of genius while the current mob are helming that titanic…

  • John McCready