What to watch on TV tonight: 28 April 2015

Needing some ideas about what to watch on television tonight? Here are our thoughts from tonight’s TV Guide on what we think might be worth checking out this evening along with this suggestion from Lightbox.

Campbell Live
Don’t forget to tune in to Campbell Live tonight.
7:00pm TV 3

The Bachelor NZ
With only four bachelorettes remaining, Arthur faces the ultimate test when he is introduced to two of the families.
7:30pm TV 3

A Year in the Wild Series Finale
Welcome to the Cairngorms; Britain’s wildest National Park. Follow a mountain guide, artist, gamekeeper and nature writer in the heart of the Scottish highlands.
7:30pm Prime

Life-After-PeopleLife After People
A series that provides, in even-more detail, a picture of a post-human future, revealing the fate of structures like the Sears Tower and the Sistine Chapel and creatures that might inherit the places we once lived. Supporting the visuals and special effects are interviews with specialists from the fields of engineering, botany, biology, geology and archaeology.
Whenever-you-want o’clock on Lightbox

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