X Factor NZ: The results

The X FactorAfter a rather disappointing show last night, it’s unfortunately not a double elimination tonight. Other than Nyssa Collins, I think anyone could be going home this week.

Melanie thinks it could be anyone going home tonight. Stan thinks maybe Steve Broad is going home. Natalie thought it was a great show but that it could be Steve going home. Shelton also picks Steve as last night’s worst performance.

Demi Lovato is in town and stopped by the set this afternoon to meet everyone, including a very excited Stan.

Gin Wigmore is back in NZ to perform her new single New Rush.

It’s time for the results:

Top 5:
Nyssa Collins
Brendon Thomas and the Vibes
Beau Monga
Steve Broad

Bottom Two:
Stevie Tonks
Lili Bayliss

Taking a look at this, it has to be Lili going home tonight without any need for a sing off.

Before we get to that, there is another performance to sit through. Avalanche City sing Inside Out

First up to perform tonight is Lili with Blue Jeans but it’s just more of the same which keeps landing her in the bottom two every week.

Stevie Tonks gives me chills when he sings and this rendition of Grenade is back to the brilliance and emotive and passionate performance that we’ve learn to love every single week. That might have been my favourite performance of his from the entire series. There is no chance of Stevie going home wondering if he could have done any better. That was outstanding.

Judges decisions:
Natalie votes to eliminate Lili
Stan votes to eliminate Stevie
Shelton votes to eliminate Lili
Melanie votes to eliminate Lili

Finally, Lili is gone and Stevie is deservedly through to the Top 5.

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  • Harrison

    And once again my theory is proven correct

  • Alicia

    She had a good run. From being in the bottom two in the first week to coming 6th is a big achievement. Hope this wont be the last we hear of her!