Do you have any colour home video footage from yesteryear?

Rotorua_Jan_1966Greenstone TV is making an exciting three-part series for Prime TV, telling New Zealand’s history from the inside out primarily through home film footage.

Decades In Colour will travel through three unforgettable decades of change – the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s, revealing the big moments and the reality of life for ordinary Kiwis.

Using home colour footage, archived film footage and interviews with people involved in key events and everyday activities, this landmark series will capture what life was really like during those nostalgic years from the inside out.

But, we can’t do it without you.

So, the Decades in Colour team is on a nationwide search for colour home footage from the ‘50’s, 60’s and 70’s to help shape our documentary series and tell the story of a changing nation.

The series will be about what these decades were like for ordinary Kiwis.

We’d love to find colour footage of both important and domestic events throughout the country. It could be rural or urban, feature music, politics, or cultural events. Think, the Lions tour, The Beatles arriving, anti-war protests, the Nelson cyclone, sons and fathers going off to war.

But we also want your stories of everyday life – the beach, picnics, A & P shows, skateboarding, parties, bands, fashion, protests, anything that evokes the times or has a great story behind it.

Please contact us if you have any personal, colour home footage that could be a part of a television series committed to showing the 50’s, 60’s and ‘70’s as they really were.

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