Ratings: All round rises at 7pm

Both TV One and TV3 will be happy with the performance of their 7pm weeknight shows last week. Campbell Live lifted again with a 4% rise on the previous week to end with an average audience of 300,990 viewers per night. However, the big gains were made by Seven Sharp which lifted by 14% to end the week with an average audience of 500,058 viewers per night.


The week on week rises by both shows was mirrored in the year on year comparisons. Seven Sharp delivered an average audience that was 13% higher than the same week in 2014 while Campbell Live was delivering 26% gains for TV3.

On 2013, the increase for Seven Sharp was 27% while for Campbell Live, the average audience was 3% lower than the same period two years ago.

Out of interest, would people also like me to include TV2, Four, Prime and Choice TV in these weekly comparisons?

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  • K

    yes TV2, Four, Prime and Choice TV would be very interesting … tv2 especially

  • Simon Green

    I’d say TV2 only. The other channel’s share is so small that they are pretty irrelevant.

  • Shannon Ryan

    Just TV2. I’d like to see comparisons for Shortland Street’s ratings.