The Herald smears TV actor by remote connection

of-popIf there’s one thing that’s great clickbait at The New Zealand Herald, it’s anti-Mediaworks stories. Yesterday, Court Reporter Rob Kidd decided to have a crack at Outrageous Fortune actor Kirk Torrance in an appalling case of journalism.

The headline of the article is Outrageous bail-out for TV star Kirk Torrance daughter and begins like this:

The daughter of an Outrageous Fortune star has been bailed out by her family after she ripped off a marketing company for nearly $25,000.

Alix Ashby, 28, whose father is Kirk Torrance, who played Detective Sergeant Wayne Judd in the hit West Auckland drama, turned up to Auckland District Court with a cheque for $10,000, which was presented to the bosses of her former employer Brand Spanking this morning.

If this was all you’d read, you’d assume that Kirk Torrance’s daughter had ripped off a marketing company and he’d come to the rescue to bail her out. But then we go on to read:

Her lawyer and the judge said the money came from Ashby’s “father” but after today’s court hearing the victims said the cheque was not from Torrance but “Chris Ashby Holdings”, understood to be the defendant’s stepfather.

So despite all the connecting of the case to Kirk Torrance, he actually has nothing to do with it.

This dirty little smear campaign as TV3 readies to launch Westside is in the same vein as what they did to Hone Harawira over the actions of his nephews and a current minister whose brother is also before the courts.

The deliberate smearing by remote connection is a regular play by the Herald and is simply disgraceful.

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  • Shannon Ryan

    I absolutely agree. NZ Herald purposefully inserted Kirk Torrance’s name in their story without any proof of his involvement whatsoever (where, lo and behold, it turns out he had none). NZ Herald are willing to, time and again, engage in exploitative journalistic practices for no other reason than to sully the names of their competitors. The show-runners of this charade have decidedly zero empathy which, ironically, results in the destruction of their own reputation and integrity more so than anyone else.

  • toby_toby

    Typical NZ Herald doing the two things they do best in the one hit job article: sensationalism and attacking broadcast media.

  • Jock

    It just makes them look trashy when they report this sort of stuff. Sure, it gets hits, but so does anything about the Kardashians. At some point you have to consider how much dignity you wish to retain.

  • Tania

    But he does have something to do with it – he’s her father.

  • Probably just lazy journalism, didn’t bother to research properly. Assumed father and didn’t look further, but I doubt it was deliberate libel.