Mike Hosking on Global Mode

Here is what Mike Hosking had to say about Global Mode on Seven Sharp last night.

Do you agree with Mike or have your own view on the Global Mode service? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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  • Ben

    I am a frequent user of global mode on Slingshot to watch Netflix, and will be sad to see it go. I don’t agree with what Mike said, I am paying for the content not available in NZ, and it is better than any of the content that the opposing companies provide anyway. Its just a case of the big guys taking out the little guys to protect themselves from the inevitable. This isn’t going to stop those who want to access geo-blocked content.

    • Marty

      All you need to do is install the HOLA extension into your chrome browser. Choose country, access content of choice. Done.

  • 4by3

    So… running as a consumer-gouging monopoly is “good business”? As long as it pays for your Ferrari, I guess it’s working for you Michael. The rest of us? Not so much.

    Many of us are simply asking for a fair shot at ALL content, delivered to us via modern (non-linear) platforms, regardless of where we live in the world. Look at the uptake on Netflix and Spotify premium – people WILL pay for great services.

    Maybe TVNZ and Sky (et al) should consider COMMISSIONING new content audiences want to watch, and providing this through decent platforms (SkyGo anyone?!) rather than trying to to protect the outdated business model they’re clinging to?

    My only consolation is that consumers will win. Eventually.

  • Graham

    Global mode was here first, Sky etc played catch up so they can clip the ticket. Mike has got the time line screwed up.

  • noname

    Unfortunately, Mike Hoskin didn’t get his fact straight and misrepresented the ISPs in his sweeping statement. People subscribed to Netflix to HBO to HULU, paying those companies to access content, it was not the ISPs who were doing this.
    Whilst the media companies, who have sat on their laurels, work out how to move on from the 1970’s model of television sales and advertsing, the rest of us have moved on. Falling viewership is down to media companies not reacting to the changing market.
    The sad thing is Global mode was actually helping to stop people turning to illegal torrent sites to download the programming they want to see.
    The media companies have won a small battle in this changing marketplace. They are no longer the holder of the keys to good quality content. As we move closer to a global TV network, I wonder what else will be “not fair” for these companies.

  • Danny TV

    I am avoiding Throng until this story slips down on to page two. The way it plays automatically and his smarmy voice blares out makes we panic and random keyboard tap to stop it. “How do I stop it?!?” “How DO I STOP it?!?”

    • K

      Haha same here, auto plays whenever i go to the homepage

    • Regan Cunliffe

      I’ve turned that wretched setting off. Sorry

      • Mark Wasley

        That’s my fault, apologies. Had the autoplay set!

  • Graham

    its a very blinkered view isn’t it.. its kind of like saying guns or knives should be illegal because you may use them to commit a crime.
    Sure global mode nudged you toward watching content in other countries but it was that tool that was committing the crime..