Ratings: 7pm Post Campbell Live

After a week without Campbell Live, there are some rather interesting observations that can be made as to what’s changed at 7pm.

Firstly, before the review was announced, the ratings for Campbell Live had been on the decline. Once TV3 declared that those figures were no longer sustainable, fans of the show came out of the woodwork and flocked back in the hopes that tuning in would keep the show alive. When the decision was made that Campbell Live would be cut, a boycott of TV3 was declared.

After one week of Road Cops some might suggest that the boycott is working as the decline from the final week of Campbell Live saw the average audience drop 49% on the previous week for TV3.

However, even with that massive drop, last week still rated higher than Campbell Live’s worst for this year. In fact, there were a couple of weeks where Campbell Live suffered lower weekly averages.


What it does show though, is that Road Cops isn’t the answer the answer for TV3 at 7pm and it’s barely even so as a short term fix.

TV One’s Seven Sharp on the other hand had the best week it’s ever had. The average audience of 541,602 was up 21% on the previous week, 15% on 2014 and 39% on 2013. Monday’s show, which marked the first day post Campbell Live had the highest average audience ever, breaching the 600,000 viewer mark for the first time.

Not only this, it was the first time that an entire week had every night delivering an average audience of more than half a million viewers.

On the face of it, it would appear that those who were interested in current affairs of some sort have flicked over from John Campbell to Mike Hosking.

As I suspected would happen, TV3’s audience figures have returned to where they were and TVNZ has received a boost. The question now remains as to whether or not TV One can consolidate their audience and then whether or not TV3 can claw their way back with a new 7pm offering.

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  • benpaul12

    Boycott or not (probably not), the types who enjoyed CL have no reason to watch TV3 anymore anyway?

    • Shannon Ryan

      Also they were wrong about trying to create a certain “type of audience” throughout the night. I like journalism shows with substance and light entertainment shows, so you don’t get sick of one or the other. TV3 had the balance just right, and now it’s gone. No wonder the audience is turning off in droves, and now all TV3 are doing is effectively gifting their existing audience to TVNZ. What a cock-up.

  • Mike

    The ratings for 3News must be a big concern, they are tanking hard. Don’t see that getting turned around anytime soon. Totally inept management by the Mediaworks execs.

    • benpaul12

      Yep, and the news is the most expensive show to produce.

  • Mike Perro

    As expected… The public are fed right wing agenda with no thought given as to how biased reporting can be once you put your personal thoughts into the mix. Thanks husking, thanks national. Now we will never see politicians being questioned about their intrnt. Case in point Campbell live vs bridges or cera rebuild MP guy. John key refused to go on Campbell live for that very reason… Wake up nz only reporting you’ll get now is from right wing henry and right wing hosking

    • GarbageMan

      You need a politics break m8 go have a wee rest, most kiwis just watch tv for entertainment and as is evident from the ratings are not overly concerned with left vs right dramas, btw 10 years is a damn good effort for prime time tv, audiences usually dont grow unless you offer something new and interesting

    • Crowgirl

      John Key went on Campbell and absolutely caned JC, or have you forgotten? Even Campbell had to admit he got owned by the PM. Kind of debunks your argument…..

      • Mike Perro

        Exactly… Nek minnit John Campbell is out of a job for going up against John key

        • Crowgirl

          Oh yeah Key canes JC and then several years later feels the need to put him out of a job. Riiiight. More like the viewers got sick of JC’s schtick, realised that he got caned by any half way decent politician, and switched off in droves. JC is no threat to Key, and Key proved it. There would be no reason to go after his job. This site has been watching Campbell’s ratings on a downward trajectory for years; it’s simple economics.

          • Jay

            I would take John Campbell over John Key any day of the week.

          • Crowgirl

            Congratulations, that makes 1 of you versus everyone else, which kind of demonstrates why Campbell Live flopped over.

          • Jay

            Um, no.

  • Detrie

    Predictable results. A sign that confirms the ineptitude at the top of TV3/mediaworks. Campbell did a superb job of stopping the rot in recent weeks, but was then discarded anyway. It was all about management egos, politics and personalities, not good business.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Does any journalist ever stop any rot when it comes to politics? They all seem to get away with whatever they’re doing no matter the colour of the stripes on their sleeves.

  • James Growley

    Its a pity the Road Cops is a repeat, otherwise I would rather watch that than Hoskings.

  • MoggieManiac

    At 7pm I often don’t sit down and watch the full half hour, but what I did notice was if something of interest caught my eye I’d stop what I was doing and watch.

    That led me to realise that the difference I noticed between Campbell and Seven Sharp was that Campbell had more “victim” stories with Seven Sharp more focused on “achievers” or people who has suffered a set back and had got themselves back on track.
    At the end of a busy day, that last thing that I want to watch is people whining about their often self-created situations and playing the victim card.
    Hence, I very rarely watched Campbell in the last couple of years, and it caused me no angst to see him go.