Ratings: Dancing With the Stars delivers for TV3

Sunday night saw the return of the ballroom to prime time as TV3’s reboot of Dancing With the Stars hit our screens. The sixth season debut bought good news for Mediaworks on the ratings front but the average audience for the night was still dwarfed in comparison to when the show screened on TV One.

The average audience for Sunday’s show was 357,360 viewers, a better performance on debut than the recent season premieres of both The X Factor NZ and The Bachelor NZ. Sunday’s performances also beat out TV One’s Nigel Latta Blows Stuff Up.


However, when comparing to the fifth season premiere of 571,000 viewers, it’s a drop of 37% with 213,000 fewer people tuning in.

The show features a large number of Mediaworks names but is absent of any All Blacks etc.

Monday night’s faux elimination drew an average audience of 280,690 viewers.

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  • Jasmine

    Your assertion that the DWTS debut episode performed better than X Factor’s debut is incorrect. In 25-54 demo, it rated an 8.6 to XF’s 8.9 and in the household shoppers demo it rated an 8.3 to XF’s 9.9.

    • benpaul12

      Where was it specified that it was talking about those demos though?

      • Dave Ian Batten


      • Shannon Ryan

        That doesn’t matter. What matters is the targeted advertising demographic.

      • SB

        The 5+ figures are irrelevant from a TV business point of view. The only demographic that matters is the one advertisers are targeting via the channel. In TV3’s case, this is all people 25-54.

      • Jasmine

        Think of it this way: if advertising didn’t exist, then there would be no use for ratings data. It exists simply as a currency for trading. Trade is based on relevant demographics, not 5+ audience figures. So to use 5+ data to make statements regarding the performance of certain shows compared to others, is not only often incorrect, but misleading.

  • bobscoffee

    It was highly misleading by TV3 to encourage people to vote, only to not eliminate anyone. Now they want us to continue voting for a couple throughout the week? What for? Certainly not based on their performances on Sunday since the elimination period is over? If they want to maximise fundraising, why bother having an elimination show the very next day after performances? Wait a week and eliminate the couple the following week.

    What a mess.

  • benpaul12

    Happy for something else to beat Nigel’s show. I like the guy, but he isn’t Richard Hammond.

  • Dave Ian Batten

    Interesting stats.

  • Dave Ian Batten

    I didn’t want to watch it because of Dominic Bowden, but my sister pointed out to me that the reason why he got picked as the host is the he’s friendly, and he can converse well. Both good points.