Ratings: Just how bad are 3 News' ratings?

After yesterday’s post that took a look at the post Campbell Live landscape, I began looking at the figures for 3 News. As it had turned out, Prime News had drawn a larger average audience than 3 News had on Sunday night which had set the excitement bells ringing at the New Zealand Herald.

3news-heraldThe lead story yesterday afternoon claimed that 3 News had lost nearly half of its audience in two weeks.

This figure had been cherry picked to be the worst possible as if they had compared the numbers from the preceding week in which the so-called boycott had begun, the drop would have been far less dramatic.

The average Sunday Night audience for 3 News this year has been 268,194 viewers. The figure that the Herald chose to use as their base reference point was actually 11% higher than that average. Misleading is one word that springs to mind but when it comes to the New Zealand Herald, so does the word normal.

However, TV3 do have a problem with their news hour and that is that for the last four years at least, there has been a steady decline in viewership.

Looking at the audience figures for the first part of the year between the 1st of January and the 7th of June, in 2012 the average audience fell by 3% on the previous year. 2013 dropped another 1% before 2014, and the loss of Home and Away, saw 3 News suffer a decline of 13% on the previous year. So far in 2015, the decline on the same period has been 14%.


This raises another serious question. If Mediaworks believed that John Campbell and Campbell Live were not delivering acceptable numbers which resulted in a review and the subsequent canning of the show, how long is it before they embark on the same for their news bulletin which has often rated even lower?

If John Campbell was the perceived problem at 7pm, how safe and secure should Hilary Barry and Mike McRoberts be feeling in their jobs right now?

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  • mike

    Well and truely time for Hilary to go. Her in the mornings with Paul Henry is rating just as bad. Common thread?

  • Terrya

    Once again you show your Herald blindspot. A similar story was carried on Stuff but doesn’t fit your bias.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Erm, the Herald article went up first, had a sensational headline and used misleading analysis to portray a competitor in a bad light. The Stuff article went up an hour later and isn’t loose with the facts.

      If you’re accusing me of being biased against that sort of click bait journalism, then you’re absolutely right.

      • benpaul12

        Report on the interesting stats about 3News instead of reporting on the reporting of others.

      • Terrya

        You mean the same misleading analysis as Stuff used? That the analysis was premature is obvious. Stuff’s headline was similar but not so click-bait?

    • John Drinnan

      Its a blindspot Regan shares with Cameron Slater, his close business colleague.

      • Regan Cunliffe

        Do I share this blindspot with most other people in the media world, including from your own office, who despise you for the lies you tell?

        • John Drinnan

          Which journalist is next on the list 😉

  • Bob

    Would be interested if you could produce a graph of one news average audience similar to this one for 3 news do we have a comparison?

    • Regan Cunliffe

      it’s in the works

  • Challenger

    Can you name one programme on TV3 that out classes TVNZ. Can we trust the numbers