Ratings: Westside's debut

Westside, TV3’s much anticipated prequel to Outrageous Fortune, debuted on Sunday night to 294,920 viewers.


The change of night from Outrageous Fortune’s traditional Tuesday to Sunday will be one to watch as the six episode series continues but the combined debut off the back of Dancing with the Stars, which featured Siobhan Marshall (Pascalle from Outrageous), gave TV3 very strong audience numbers in contrast to the performance of The X Factor NZ.

The local drama provided plenty of nods to its predecessor and if you haven’t already seen our companion series, Inside Westside, be sure to check out our first two episodes.

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  • Simon Green

    The TV viewing market is vastly different now. Back then, there was no SVOD, only four free to air channels, and now on demand catch up. Ratings were never going to be as good as the peak of OF.

    • benpaul12

      That being said though, the ratings are similar to the first season of OF already…

      • Kyle Wadsworth

        It’s rated higher than Season 1 & 2’s debut of Outrageous, and given this is a different show, that’s a great sign! 🙂

    • Regan Cunliffe

      TV has become about events that you must watch and engage with live. First run events are what give people a reason to tune in live.

      • Shannon Ryan

        Not as much of a reason as it used to when SVOD wasn’t available. I bet the amount of Westside web streams will be quite large, as a lot of people just catch up now when they have the chance.