Road Cops giving Seven Sharp a run for its money

road-copsDespite the fact that the numbers at 7pm have returned to around where they were before the Campbell Live review and that Seven Sharp is enjoying the highest ratings the show has ever had, there is another side of the story that is the key demographics.

What many refused or failed to believe was that prior to the review, Campbell Live had been getting trounced in the key demographics of 25-54. As the disloyal viewers flocked back in the hopes of saving the show, the numbers once again began to swing in TV3’s favour. However, on its departure from our screens and the dwindling of the audience figures, which have still be higher than Campbell Live’s lows, the key demos are once again in the spotlight.

Last nights repeat episode of Road Cops matched Seven Sharp with both programs neck and neck with a 5.7 rating in the 25-54 demos.

Even with the low total audience figures, Mediaworks’ new lineup is delivering better bang for their buck. Certainly, no single person involved in the production will be earning $10k per episode.

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  • terrya

    How does 1 night’s data demonstrate your general claim? This is the kind of crap analysis that you criticised correctly earlier this week.

    • Regan Cunliffe

      Erm, why don’t you take a look at the data from the link in the post? Campbell Live was rating terribly in the key demos and never came close to matching Seven Sharp. Yes, this is a single data point but it is one of significance in light of all the other data.

      • dusty_slacks

        I looked at the data, and although Campbell live was trending downward, so was seven sharp. Doesn’t this just reflect general audiences viewing habits? So road cops is doing better then Campbell live when it was at its lowest point, according to your graphical evidence, that’s really nothing to be happy about.

        • Regan Cunliffe

          I’m not saying it’s something to be happy about. The numbers are still rubbish. They’re more competitive and therefore more valuable though…

          • dusty_slacks

            The numbers are not just rubbish , they’re getting worse. Considering they were averaging about 2 hundred k in the first few days, to drop a quarter of that within a fortnight, i see at their lowest point, dropped 70 thousand viewers, shows they are tending downward. Especially now in the winter months when more people watch tv when viewership should be picking up. I guess until we have a good solid few months of data, we won’t really have a proper picture. Stop cherry picking numbers to prove a point

          • Regan Cunliffe

            Here are some facts for you.

            The average audience for this week is looking to be down on last week.

            Despite this, half of this week’s episodes have rated better than last week’s.

            The average audience for this week is looking to still be higher than Campbell Live’s worst.

            You realise that your points regarding the declines and heading into the winter months are the exact same things I said about Campbell Live before the review?

            I have been attacked for not using key demo data, even though those figures were even worse, and in the instance that we’re talking about them, I’m now being attacked for doing so when they’re actually of significance.

            As I’ve said before, I am consistent in my commentary. I have been accused of being biased for and against just about everyone at some time or another depending on how positive or negative the story depicts each subject. I have been the most despised and most celebrated by many of the same people depending on which side of my commentary they sit on at any particular time.

            I try to be as fair and balanced as possible. Any accusations to the contrary say more about the bias of the commenter than me.

          • dusty_slacks

            Ok. I respect that. I just fail to see how you can call this a trouncing when really, it’s a mild paddling. anything i say is not an attack on your character, its more an observation i disagree with.

            I agree Campbell live was doing terrible, but the graphs you showed are not very clear without comparative documentation and supportive interpretation of the numbers.

            Hope you have a good day buddy.


          • Regan Cunliffe

            Compared to how things were in 2013, and even during the review period, Seven Sharp had dominated Campbell Live in the key demos. Not winning once, or even coming close, is what I’d call a trouncing.

            There is plenty of commentary on the ratings if you trawl back through it all. 🙂

          • dusty_slacks

            Ok. Cheers buddy 🙂

      • terrya

        But this is not a convincing reply. What’s important is whether this single data point is representative of the other data points for Road Cops versus Seven Sharp, as I think you realise actually. Until you provide that evidence for analysis, all that can be said is that on a single night one rated better than the other in the key demographic. I’ve not the slightest interest in how Campbell Live rated against Seven Sharp and all its predecessors as I have never watched them. I had more than enough of Gusher Campbell and Mike Hosking when they polluted radio.

        • Regan Cunliffe

          Of course the additional data between Road Cops and Seven Sharp is relevant. I’m merely pointing out that Road Cops has done something that Campbell Live hasn’t done in that time slot for quite some time. It might be a one off. It may never happen again. It may very well be an outlier. Nonetheless, it happened.

          • Terrya

            So what. The whole point is this just a random effect or something significant. You were implying the latter weren’t you?

          • Regan Cunliffe

            The point is it’s an observation. The same as the first time Campbell Live beat Seven Sharp. Or the final episode which was the highest rating episode ever. They were significant stand alone events that were worth commenting on.

            It may be a random event but nonetheless, it is a significant event in that Road Cops has done at least once what Campbell Live wasn’t doing before the review.

            People have bleated on at me about the key demos and now that you’re being beaten with your own stick you’re attempting to find some other justification for attacking me.

            I try to be as consistent as I can be across everything I provide commentary on and this is simply another example of it.

            Whether you choose to accept it or not, it is an interesting event in the ever unfolding ratings discussion and I will continue to bring them to everyone’s attention.

          • Terrya

            Of course, I don’t accept it and all your obfuscating bluster can’t alter the fact that 1 observation proves nothing.

          • Regan Cunliffe

            What is it that I have said this observation proves?

          • Terrya

            Try reading your orinal post and its “clickbait” title.

          • Terrya

            Oops! Original.

          • Regan Cunliffe

            Good grief. Road Cops did give Seven Sharp a run for its money, literally, in the key demos on the night we’re discussing. Something that Campbell Live didn’t do until it went into review. If you think that’s sensational or clickbait then facts appear to be lost on you.

          • Terrya

            Keep wriggling

  • Harrison

    Does Mike Hosking earn $10,000 per episode or is that what John Campbell was paid?

  • benpaul12

    The problem facing Seven Sharp with Mike Hosking is yes, while it’s getting high ratings, is it won’t perform with the younger demos.

    Mike Hosking has made the show popular and highly rated, but he’s not winning with people who SS was originally supposed to target.

    • 4by3

      Who were the people SS were supposed to target? Because there was very little evidence the show (and its producers) ever tried very hard to attract anything but the same old (pun intended) audience Close Up corralled for so many years.

      Where was the fresh, innovative, creative talent? In front and behind the camera? It was overwhelmingly just the same ‘news’ journos and producers + one token (30-something, relatively conservative) journo-cum-comedian.

      Personally, I wholeheartedly wish they’d GENUINELY targeted that new audience. That would have been something to watch! But in reality, they never came close.