I would say that Guy Williams has big shoes to fill but he already has rather large feet. Yesterday’s announcement that he’ll be narrating the local version of Come Dine With Me was met with more joy and despair as yet another interim replacement for TV3’s early evening current affairs programming.

As was to be expected, Twitter turned a little vicious on him last night.

Except it is a Campbell Live replacement.

It might be a fun show but Mediaworks appear to be doing their absolute best to confuse their audience right now.

We are all creatures of habit. As we saw from last week’s figures, the audience levels at 7pm have returned to close to what they were before Campbell Live went into its review period. Those who were still wanting some current affairs at 7pm have shifted over to TV One’s Seven Sharp and have stuck around and those that jumped in for the review period have once again bailed on TV3. The audience that is watching now is certainly different from the audience that was watching John Campbell.

So what are Mediaworks up to? Is Come Dine With Me a temporary filler as they’ve suggested while they rework a new current affairs show for 7pm? Or are they grooming viewers to be used to a light entertainment provider?

The current game is going to build more of an audience interested in light entertainment. If anything, they’re likely to draw audiences away from Shortland Street more than they will from Seven Sharp but the curious thing is, what will happen to those audiences once Come Dine With Me comes to an end? Is the audience that TV3 is about to try and build also going to have an appetite for a light current affairs show?

The danger that TV3 have is that they risk alienating their new 7pm audience over, and over again. It’s one thing to upset the core audience that stuck by a show for 10 years but to keep doing it and confuse viewers with inconsistent programming is going to do little to improve their ratings.

What TV3 needs is loyalty from its viewers. Guy Williams might be able to drag some of his fans across but I just don’t think he resonates with people as much as Mediaworks might be hoping. He seems to be quite polarising as a personality. People tend to either love him or hate him and if that’s the type of thing they want at 7pm then there’s at least one other person in their stable who would work in that role.

This is going to be very interesting to watch indeed.

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  • Trevor Ashman

    I actually am really looking forward to ” Come Dine With Me ” it’s a VERY entertaining show and I usually hate cooking shows 🙂

    • benpaul12

      You’re right, I can actually imagine my flat tuning into this every night. 7pm is a dead-spot for us, the news is watched, then basically the TV is flicked around between 7-730.

      • Mr Guess

        Like a soccer ball? Can’t be good for the telly

  • Dave Ian Batten

    Savior Of Seven? Another cooking show? Really? More like Failure Of Seven.

  • Dave Ian Batten

    TV3 might as be renamed TV Dumbass.

  • Shannon Ryan

    More like Come Destroy 7pm With Me.